Friday, September 10, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

We have one more cucumber to eat before I rip the plant out to make way for some winter veg planting and I'm planning to honour its fabulousness at lunch Saturday with some milky buffalo mozzarella and a scattering of pea shoots. Saturday night I think a steak is a serious contender. Sunday pasta bake, probably broccoli as I've not had broccoli for ages. Monday spicy chicken noodles with stock and chicken from the freezer, Tuesday fried green tomatoes as I despair of ours ever ripening, Wednesday steamed silken tofu, as I'm out early evening and it will be quick when I get home. Thursday we're off to Dorset for a fabulous weekend courtesy of team wholegrain. I won the prize for my fabulous shredded wheat fennel pasta.

Feels like autumn is on its way - definite cool breeze Saturday morning for added chill at the bus stop. Even though we were early - not even nine o'clock! - there was a queue at Ginger Pig. Wondered idly about marrow burgers but went for steak when I got to the head of the queue. Do love a well hung rump. £16.67

Headed straight across the road to Monmouth for coffee while the man watched the weekly spectacle of a truck trying to turn into Stoney Street while hitting no parked cars - £11.50

Is no Booths - missing it badly - so off to Ted's Veg for potatoes, an enormous cabbage and some leeks - £3.80

Lizzie at Wild Beef was delighted to hear that Marie and Jon have a fine little boy called Teddy who will no doubt one day be taken to Borough - £1.50 for eggs

Bought both mozzarella and parma ham from the Italian stall - £11.90

And a hard sheepy cheese from Gianni at Gastronomica - £5 the hunk

Some pies from Mrs Kings - £5

Milk from Neals Yard - £1.90

Spent £57.27 in total

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