Friday, October 01, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

So we are out Saturday night being cultured at the Tate then dinner with David J and Vicki T. Sunday we are off to the Cotswolds to meet Teddy Gleeson - first born child of the lovely Marie and Jon - which will be a splendid way to spend the day. Sunday night I think we will have the rest of last week's pork and paprika from the freezer with penne and a dollop of sour cream had the last of the mozzarella on toast as we had a most splendid roast for lunch. Monday I fancy roast lamb, spiced, with aubergine salad, hummus and carrot salad the lamb was a triumph but went with trad veg - roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips and cabbage and made chickpea, fennel and carrot salad for lunchboxes. Tuesday omelette and salad, Wednesday I think we might go to the movies best laid plans... we had the pork with penne and sour cream, Thursday will try again for dahl! had the chicken noodles mneant for Friday, really tasty Friday chicken noodles with chicken, noodles and saffron sauce all from the freezer will have cheese on toast with a little salad from the window box - the man is delighted.

Sunshine! Great start to Saturday as Friday had been thoroughly miserable with belting rain and enough wind to make being out simply dire. At Ginger Pig Charlie was happy to cut a shoulder of lamb in two - one for this week, roasted Monday with leftovers for lunch one for the freezer - and gave me nice pile of smoked bacon offcuts also for the freezer as they are endlessly useful - £15

Coffee from Monmouth after waiting a few minutes, watching a man sample six or seven different beans made into filter coffee by one of the extremely well informed staff who described each one with the kind of detail usually found describing fine wines as she poured very hot coffee from one small cup into another and back again to cool it. Great piece of theatre - and then he bought 150g! I bought half a kilo of dark roast Columbian - £11.50

At Wild Beef Lizzie was cheerful depsite having dropped a box of eggs, and most amused to have had a conversation with Glenys - the market manager - the previous week who wondered how Borough could be returned to its former brilliance. This from the woman who managed to drive out Booths... Too late methinks, too late. Eggs were £1.50

Potatoes and onions from Ted's Veg - am absolutely besotted with their Marfona potatoes which roast beautifully and also make perfect mash, and last week I fried some with garlic and duck fat and they were gorgeous! £2

Chocolates from L'Artisan, 2 bags because 1 is not enough - £4 plus the nice young woman running the stall gave us a free sample, which was a seriously fabulous bit of breakfast

Queued for a while to get ham and mozzarella but it was slow, so left the man there to get the cheese while I went a few stalls down to buy jamon from the Spanish stall, sampled their chorizo and it was spicy and good, so bought one, a bargain at £4 on special offer Spent £9.50 altogether and the mozzarella was £4.60 makes for a very special brunch

On the hunt for more cheese Gianni was happy to pass out slices of tomme - which was creamy and delightful - so we had some of that, a couple of scamorza and he threw in half a soft cheese made with sheep, goat and cow's milk unusually for us we haven't gobbled the lot but treat for Friday is the smoked mozzarella on toast, a most perfect thing when melted for another bargain £10

Over to Neals Yard for milk and yoghurt - and the man decided apples too as they were handing out slices on the cobbles - £6.60

Then a cottage tin from Flour Power - a bargain at £1.10 for it makes the best toast

Then home on the bus in the sun - £65.80 spent.

Later, when it had clouded over, I caught another bus to Brixton for rice, red lentils and butter beans, but forgot the garlic. Pooh!

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