Friday, October 15, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

The chill is increasing so might as well go with it, quite fancy pheasant for a change Saturday night - was very pleased with how well it turned out, braised it with celery and bacon and then finished the sauce with cream, a la Jane Grigson. Sunday we are out in the evening so I may make gammon for lunches in the week with a white bean salad and very good it was. Love all things pork and beans. Monday steamed tofu omelette garlic potatoes and salad because I liked it so much last week, Tuesday we are both out but Wednesday the man is home alone while I make autumn rolls and mai tai's so shall see if he fancies a hot pie plans changed so we met up with rellies for a very pleasant dinner at Canton Arms. Thursday I have a recipe from Kay Standish, one of my readers for chicken with yoghurt chickpeas and harissa that will use the last of my Total yoghurt supply and sounds very good and it was - spicy juicy creamy kind of excellent, Friday omelette perhaps.

We were a bit later this week arriving at Borough Market and so there was quite a crowd already - definitely makes it less fun. Ginger Pig only had a small queue (yay!) so didn't wait long to buy a nice piece of gammon and a tray of unsmoked bacon - £19.70

Then to Monmouth for coffee, a dark Costa Rican, £11.50

Potatoes, celery and fennel from Teds Veg - £4.70

Garlic from the organic stall that Tony Booth's daughter runs - £1.30

A steak & kidney pie for the man from Mrs Kings - £2.50

Eggs from Wild Beef - £1.50

Milk and cream from Neals Yard - £7.60

Toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

Then home again to buy pheasant from the local farmers market at Oval, as well as oat bread from the old post office bakery and some fennel salami from De Lieto's, and chick peas from Malinka on Brixton Rd - all of which were very busy Saturday morning which is good to see.

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