Friday, November 26, 2010

I wanted I bought I made

I thought it was cold when we got back to London. Seems positively balmy in retrospect. Odd thing is the news this morning announced this to be the warmest year in a decade...

We are away for the weekend and out Sunday and Monday so it's a short week to plan food wise. Tuesday I fancy steamed pork ribs with black beans, Wednesday I really want soup, Thursday we are out again and Friday I think burgers and salad as there is a salad from 5amfoodie that I really want to try. I did this! - first time ever I matched what I wanted to what I made, though it will be omelette Friday, not burgers.

Wow it was cold at Borough on Saturday - I swear the concrete freezes the better to radiate icy conditions. I was very early and John was seriously rugged up behind the counter at Ginger Pig, including a wool cap. Looking at him made me warmer! They didn't have any spare ribs though, so decided on a couple of pork chops on the spur of the moment. £6.50 Also had a lovely catch up chat with Charlie and how nice it is to be flying somewhere on holidays, even economy, what with films to watch while someone serves you drinks.

Coffee at a queueless Monmouth - £11.50

I bought eggs at Wild Beef where Lizzie wore no gloves but the young guy working with her was in a full length woolen poncho - Mexican stlyee - £1.50

Apples from Chegworth - £1.20

Then I thought - ooh, maybe Northfield will have spare ribs and they did! Got a lovely big meaty rack - £4.80
Milk and pasta from Neals Yard - £6.70

Baguette from du Marché - £1.30

Also bought lots of lovely treats as gifts but the total for the shop for us was £33.50 but I'd bought salami at Di Lieto's before I'd even got home

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