Friday, November 19, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Bacon and onion omelette topped with grilled to golden cheese

Back to London in winter, lightly tanned and slightly shocked at the cold. Comfort food is needed.

Saturday we are out to lunch so dinner will be cold collation, that most beloved meal of the man masses of cheese with salami and St John bread. Sunday I think I shall make a spinach pie - I have some cheese and filo in the freezer. Couldn't resist making a terrine for lunches, so had another collation. Beef stew with mash and sprouts Monday, noodles Tuesday omelette and salad, more stew Wednesday, pasta with dried mushrooms Thursday 'twas pasta but baked with cauliflower and (3) cheese sauce and lamb chops with aubergine Friday - cheese on toast!. Could be a good week.

Borough Market was quiet early - it was good to be back. Bought pork mince and chicken livers at Ginger Pig, which had a fair queue for pre 9am, spent £13.70

From Teds Veg I bought lots - potatoes, onions, fennel, garlic, brussel sprouts, flat mushrooms - £6.60

A bag of chocolates for Sam who's coming to visit this week - £2

From Wild Beef I bought eggs - £1.50

At Gastronomica I asked Gianni for something hard and sheepy - he presented me with a sliver of a spectacularly fabulous Pecorino, so bought a chunk and a rocchetta, went to pay with £20 and he asked me if I needed Parmesan. I did. So he cut me a lump then added a buffalo mozzarella and half a softish goats cheese - £20 for the lot - total bargain for such a glorious selection

Apples, a pear and an apple crumble from Chegworth - £4.20

Milk, spaghetti and cream from Neals Yard - who are going to be selling St John bread from next week - yay! - £7.30

Bread from Flour Power - £1.10

Spent £56.40 but there was much more needed. Bought salami at Di Lieto's, cauliflower and celery at Brixton market, porridge oats, biscuits and butter at the supermarket. It all adds up.

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