Monday, February 21, 2011

I wanted...I bought...I made

Look at that bottom shelf - beer to the left of me, yoghurt to the right! Balanced lifestyles...
Thanks to Total for my yoghurt mountain

We are out with the man's folks Saturday for a serious lunch at the Anchor & Hope then on to Southwark Playhouse for Company so supper will be simple and light - a little toast and cheese and salami with olives after a really pleasant afternoon. Sunday have some ham, thinking eggs and chips we had an unfortunately fairly unpleasant lunch out after wandering the streets in persistent drizzle so had hot toast for comfort. Monday lentil soup pitta breads with roasted vegetables, haloumi and spiced butterbean paste, Tuesday we are probably out we were in for a bowl of lovely creamy lentil soup, Wednesday we are definitely out for the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Simon Rattle which was extraordinary even to me who knows little about classical music, Thursday chicken and mushrooms we were out (not in!), Friday omelette or perhaps pasta.

Market was quiet, bought some gammon from one of the new butchers at Ginger Pig, then got chatting to Charlie who dropped a bombshell. He's leaving! Moving on to hopefully better things he's off in a couple of weeks and I will miss him though I wish him well. Gammon cost £15.40

Eggs from Wild Beef, a dozen for £3

Skate wings from the new fish stall from Essex who till now have been next to the game people but no more. Turns out the game dealer was told they couldn't sell chickens so they had a hissy, insisted they would not be told what they could sell and so bof! they are gone. Bad news in the sense that they were the source of home made pork scratchings that were divine and, sadly, fleeting. Skate cost £7.20

Apples from Chegworth - £1.03

Saw Ian at Mrs Kings, his plans for a new venture outside Melton Mowbray are proceeding well, hoping it can be realised in all its glory

Olives from Fresh Olive - a mix of melange and chilli stuffed green ones - £4.50

Almonds and fried broad beans from Brindisa - the beans to try atop as crunch atop a salad - £5.25

Bought milk, yoghurt and bread from Neals Yard - £9.70

Home again spending £46.08 but getting veg locally and other bits and pieces in the week

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