Friday, February 25, 2011

I wanted...I bought...I made

Coffee beans - the start of every day

Food chain this weekend so need to be quick at Borough and have some easy things for the weekend. Saturday a simple pasta sausage and mash with a puddle of peas, Sunday venison faggots with onion gravy from the freezer omelette and salad that I brought home from food chain, Monday noodle soup faggots and mashed swede with a drizzle of onion gravy, Tuesday I have a jar of stuffed goose neck from France in the fridge that I fancy coated with breadcrumbs and served with potatoes and salad a sort of tartiflette for a different kind of decadent. Wednesday some tofu pork chop noodle soup, Thursday might be chicken and mushrooms my sister is here so we had a lovely chinesey feast with steamed tofu and aubergine and hot sticky ribs, Friday sausages perhaps a little stir fry and rice leftover from Thursday.

We were early and Borough was blissfully quiet. Started at an almost empty Ginger Pig where I bought some skinny little sausages and some pork spare ribs for £11.20

Then to Monmouth for coffee - espresso beans - £10

Eggs from Wild Beef - £1

Potatoes, lovely marfona, from Teds Veg as well as swede, carrots and Savoy cabbage - £4.80

A hunk of truffle studded sheep cheese from Gastronomica - £8.50

Bread, yoghurt and milk from Neals Yard - £9.70

Then run run run home - £45.20

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