Friday, March 04, 2011

I wanted...I bought...I made

This one has my name on it!

Saturday is cinema in the afternoon with my sister and a cold collation on our return but she left a message while we were at the market to say she wasn't coming so we had cheese sandwiches for lunch and grilled lamb chops from the freezer with lentils for dinner. Sunday we are out to lunch so dinner should be low key more cheese sandwiches and crab paté with olives and nibbles and bits, there is a little cheese sauce in the freezer that would go nicely with pasta and cauliflower, Monday harissa chicken we had the cauliflower pasta, Tuesday dinner at Moro one of my sister's favourites. Wednesday sausage and lentils the last of the lovely venison faggots with mash and spinach, Thursday risotto but sadly not a terribly good one!, Friday probably omelette because I write that every week as a forecast and sometimes it comes true but this week will in fact be spiced chicken with rice and roasted cauliflower as a farewell to Jane.

We were vaguley late to the market - and wow was it cold! The number of tourists seems to increase exponentially every 5 minutes late you are. Busy busy! Didn't need anything from Ginger Pig, rare I know, so started at Shellseekers for a tub of their fabulous crab pate - £4.95

On to Fresh Olive for a melange topped with some chilli stuffed lovelies - £4.50

Chocolates from L'Artisan - £2

Gorgonzola, a semi hard cow's cheese and some truffle studded mortadella from Gastronomica - £15

Apples and pears from Chegworth - £1.80

Eggs from Wild Beef - £1.50 - stamped for the first time, some further extension of pointless bureaucracy into fresh food while the processed industry runs amok

A pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - £5

A stick of bread from the Marché - £1.30

A creamy cauliflower from Tony - £1

Yoghurt and milk from Neals Yard - £5.25

A change - a poppyseed loaf from Flour Power for toast - and good toast it was! - £2.20

Spent £44.50

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