Friday, March 18, 2011

I wanted,,,I bought....I made

The pig skin I bought last week sat in sea salt in the fridge for a week and has since been soaked and then confited. One day soon it will be crackling

Quick trip Friday afternoon for the market, good as it's quiet but one or two stalls not there. Swings and roundabouts.Friday dinner was slow roasted ham hock with cider and onions sliced hot into sandwiches, doesn't get more fabulous. Saturday will be steak and mushrooms just to be decadent and because I had some tarragon that I wanted to use before it went limp, Sunday I have some food blogger friends coming round for a lunch session - a delightful afternoon with 5amfoodie and simplysplendiferous with crisp olive oil crackers topped with a carrotty dip, gorgeous green bean and hazelnut salad, charcuterie loaf finished with chilli chocolate brownies and amazing chocolate brittle, it's a treat to have foodbloggers round for pot luck. Dinner was so simple - omelette and the last of the salads. Monday vegetable curry was the pork slow cooked in game stock served with tagliatelle, Tuesday I think some pork slow cooked in game stock was a repeat of Monday but with cyprus potatoes and buttered spring greens, Wednesday tofu and sesame spinach, Thursday pasta deliriously good lamb kofta, Friday omelette off to the theatre to see Betty Blue Eyes.

First stop Ginger Pig where I bought a piece of rump and some diced pork - £21.35 then stopped for a chat with Charlie, last ever at Borough as the lucky people of Greenwich are about to have him as their butcher. He's been so great, I hope the future works out brilliantly for him.

Went to Silfield for a ham hock - have always bought them there for some reason, old habits and all that - £3.50

Then to Monmouth for coffee - £10

Brindisa had no pancetta ready diced - they normally have little tubs of it on the counter - so I bought a thick slice from an enormous whole - £2.20

A cauliflower from Turnips - they are one of the few vegetable options now that Booths have gone, expensive but very good produce - £1.20

Eggs from Lizzie, who's delighted to be off on holidays for a week and hoping for sunshine - £3

Bread, yoghurt, sour cream and milk from Neals Yard - £11.20

Spent £52.45 and bought more in the week - tofu and minced lamb, butterbeans and leeks, a couple of bunches of spinach and some coriander, and a packet of tagliatelle

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