Thursday, June 30, 2011

I wanted ... I bought... I made

After last week's setbacks, this week might still need to be a little gentle. Friday a little fish a cold collation of lovely things from Borough, Saturday the pork chops with the braised fennel from last week lamb chops with new potatoes, Sunday ham and eggs potato salad not eggs! Monday chicory roasted with cream and pancetta ham and salad as the man was now very ill and giving me a lot of retrospective sympathy for my flu last week, with salad obv! Tuesday lamb casserole ma po tofu and rice v spicy v nice, Wednesday tofu and greens steamed eggs and steamed peppers, more rice, Thursday aubergine and something fennel and pasta bake!

At Borough I bought a piece of smoked gammon and some lamb neck chops at the Ginger Pig - £28.30

Milk, yoghurt and bread at Neals Yard - £9.70

Melon and new potatoes from the organic veg stall £4.70

A hard unpasteurised sheep/goat cheese and a robiola that was not a rocchetta but rather a soft creamy cheese from Gastronomica - £12

Peppers from the veg stall out the back - £1

Smoked bass from the Sussex fish stall - £3

Olives from Borough Olives - green ones with tarragon and kalalmata's - £5.60

Eggs from Lizzie at Wild Beef who is off on holidays this week - £3.70

Strawberries from Tony - £2.50

Spent £70.50

Am off to France for a week. Normal service will resume after that!


Shu Han said...

first time at your blog! i really like your approach to eating, and i agree wholeheartedly with using real food and ingredients! (you should visit farmers' markets though, so much cheaper and you get to support local farmers at the same time.. borough's become a sort of tourist trap imo)

bron said...

Welcome! You're right about a lot - eat well, use real food, support small producers, and borough is horribly touristy but it still has great quality food, better imo than any of the farmers markets I've bought from which are local - Oval, Brixton...