Thursday, June 23, 2011

I wanted...I bought...I made

Chicken roasted with peppers
Friday I think will be fishcakes that we didn't have last week - a couple of fillets of salmon simply fried with a lemon sauce and shallow fried potatoes. Saturday I think some asparagus in one form or another lasagne, Sunday drunken chicken and spicy noodles chicken roasted with peppers and chorizo after a day out beekeeping.

But then I got hit with the flu that is currently doing London - boufff!

Monday tofu and greens I struggled to make tuna salad, Tuesday lamb stew but a delicate thing - the man made omelette and salad! Wednesday steamed pork and eggs - lentils with a poached egg and yes I had eggs, Thursday curry - a good generalised idea! It will be noodles as I finally feel a little better.

At Borough I started at Neals Yard for milk, bread and yoghurt - £10.40

Then a chicken and some pork chops from Ginger Pig as they had no neck chops but have promised me some this week - £22.65

Salmon from Furness - £6.70

Asparagus from Organics - £6

Lovely fat green olives from Borough Olives - £2.80

Chorizo from Brindisa - £9.70

Eggs from Wild Beef - £3.40

And Chegworth now have their own shop, a cut out bit left over from where Elsey and Bent were next to the Brindisa bar, it's nice, and they will be trading Monday to Saturday. I bought strawberries and cucumber - £4

I have discovered Solstice at Greensmiths down on the Cut near Waterloo, bought some good veg from them, potatoes and fennel and a lovely melon - £6.10 - am wondering if it is a good option now for most of my weekly veg

Spent £71.75

But no recipe post this week but more next week as I am on the way to recovery!

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