Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Wanted...I bought...I made

 Friday - Valentines Day! After an early screening of Her we shall come home to supper of grilled steak and salad and a glass of serious red wine. food of lurrrrve!
Breakfast was juice - beetroot, pepper, orange leftover from the fruit loaf, carrots and a pear then yoghurt and rhubarb for the man and a slice of fruit loaf and coffee for me. Win/win! 

Dearie me but it's wet out. Stroke of sensible genius I wore my shiny pink raincoat to the market - just easier than wrangling umbrellas and bags and stuff. Borough was quietish in the wet, started at Neals Yard for milk and yoghurt - £3.90 Then Ginger Pig for eggs and a most magnificent piece of steak - £13.60 Across the other side I bought chocolates from L'Artisan - £2.50 and wanted smoked salmon pat√© but Muirren only had smoked salmon, bought some £5 At the Comte stall I bought a tub of rillette - it was so good last week and saw they had Mont D'Or and I could not resist - £15.50 - so Saturday supper will be this bliss of a *bucket* of melted cheese At Gastronomica all the heart shaped cheese was goat's milk - the man no like goat's milk cheese - so I bought a sizeable hunk of truffled Pecorino and a Bosina - £14 Wandering over to find Bread Ahead I noticed Northfields had homemade pork scratchings - I can never resist - £1.50 A raisin loaf and a sourdough stick when I got to the bread stall - £5 Watercress and mushrooms from Paul Wheeler veg stall - £4.40 and a hot scotch egg for my lunch from Roast - £3 - £68.40 but well spent for a Valentine feasting weekend!

Dinner was indeed the food of lurrrve!

Saturday - toast I guess, the man is working, stir fried noodles for supper
Porridge, yes! for breakfast with lots of coffee but late, so the man didn't work - YES!
Went to the market at Oval for carrots, radish and fennel for salad later - £2.90
Went to visit the lovely Anna in her new place at Stratford - Westfield was BUSY with people wandering about but in fact not that many people inside the actual shops - had lovely cake and nespresso then a plate of nibbles - rillettes, olives, truffle cheese on our return. Dinner was very simple - smoked salmon with a crisp salad dressed with peanut butter miso and lime, gorgeous

Sunday - more toast, I guess, the man is working, pot roasted beef with mash and veg
Had cut the raisin bread in two and stuck it in the freezer so rescued one half and had that with butter and coffee and papers for a leisurely start. The man disappeared to the office. Bought a cabbage, carrots, beetroot and peppers at Brixton £2.40 Went to the Canton for Sunday lunch, mega busy so waited ages for a very fine porchetta, roast potatoes and buttered leeks  Dinner later was a snack plate of olives rillettes etc

Monday fish cakes and salad
Muesli breakfast
I bought pears from Nour Stores £1 and a couple of bread rolls from Di Lieto - 60p - for lunch with peanut butter, dinner was beef and mushroom cobbler with the top rib beef from the freezer from before Christmas topped with Pecorino and thyme scented cobbler served with steamed carrots and buttered cabbage

Tuesday lamb curry from the freezer with rice and vegetable side dishes
Carrot, ginger, pears, pepper and beetroot juice, muesli and coffee for breakfast, the man took a small tub of cobbler and veg for lunch, I went to Borough for milk - £1.70, clementines and carrots from Paul Wheeler - £1.40 and had salami - £2.80 - from Gastronomica - on a roll from the freezer for my lunch.

Had a couple of unhappy bananas that needed using so made indulgent muffins with chocolate and peanut butter - gave them to the man for the office so no temptation for me!

Dinner was a repeat of last night as that was very good indeed

Wednesday I'm out so the man shall have a treat, possibly soup from the freezer and nice bread
Juice for breakfast with muesli and coffee, the man had more cobblers for lunch and I had grilled sausages from Moen - £1.70 - what can I say it was bleak and I fancied something I didn't have. Also went to Sainsburys and bought misshape carrots, anya potatoes and butter £4.19 Who says supermarkets are cheap?
Was home in the evening so for dinner I made a gorgeous tortilla with spinach and potato and served it with carrot and fennel salad dressed with the rest of the miso/peanut thing from Saturday

Thursday lentils and greens topped with a poached egg
Had no beetroot for juice so made it with pears, celery, ginger, lemon, carrots and the sole remaining pepper - gorgeous flavour but the man hated the colour - too orange.
Said it looked like school pasta sauce!

Muesli and coffee was fine. Steamed potatoes and carrots for the last of the cobbler for the man's lunch and we are off for an adventure for dinner tonight to try the new Camberwell Arms, pub reopened with food guidance from the Canton - have heard great things!

Spent a lot this week - £87.19 -  though still have the Mont D'Or - Friday supper sorted!

Essentially followed no plan at all past Friday - ie DAY ONE for the food week! Partly as a result of the random shop - had thought we'd do more nibbling but having the smoked salmon was a good nudge to try the peanut miso salad dressing which was a richly decadent treat. Had suggested beef and mushrooms with mash to the man but he said Cobblers! and he was right. Worked v well with steamed veg for a few days and it took a large piece of meat out of the freezer - can't believe I still haven't got to the end of the freezer treasure...

The tortilla was a good idea and used up the other half of the original veg to make a really pretty salad

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