Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Week...I Wanted... I bought.... I cooked

Friday we still have the Mont D'Or from last week so there will be some crudite and some crusty bread and some wine...

Quick trip to Borough Friday, though made the mistake of going about midday - wow! was it busy. Hated it! Bought milk at Neals Yard - £1.55, coffee from Monmouth £19.50, nothing from Ginger Pig - nothing! Went to Gastronomica for ham, spicy salami and pancetta as possibles for dipping in cheese - £7.40. Bought one packet of pork scratchings last week from Northfield and they are so incredibly good that this week I bought 2 packets - and was loathe to share! £3 Bread from Bread Ahead - £2, some of their stuff is really good. Olives and cornichon from Fresh Olive - £3.50 and chocolates from L'Artisan - £3 Fennel, endive and cucumber as well as a few clementines from Paul Wheeler -£3.40 and I was done. Until I went to Brixton and bought greens, rice, sesame paste, chilli oil and thai basil at Wing Yip - £15.90

The Thai basil became a defining element for half the week because it costs £2.50 a bunch - it's a big bunch but it seems a lot for a herb I grow in the garden in the summer. So all original plan for the week went out the window and instead we had lovely things with thai basil.

Saturday we are away for the weekend, so raisin toast and coffee for breakfast
Actually the man made porridge, kept us going till lunch in the country

Back Sunday afternooon lamb curry from freezer with rice and cucumber raita

Had a plate of salami olives and cheese on our return, with a small bowl for the other packet of pork scratchings!
We had been out Thursday last week to try the new Camberwell Arms, new pub from the people at the Canton and not much further to walk! Shabby elegant interior, open kitchen behind a stretch of bar, very nice ambience. Glorious starters and then we had the roast chicken - lots of it! Didn't finish it so brought the leftovers home and made a stir fry with rice noodles, greens and thai basil for dinner

Monday out to see Happy Days
Breakfast of muesli and coffee and fresh juice, lots of carrot and ginger
The man had some rice noodles for lunch with a bag of chocolates and a clementine - o lucky man!
To Brixton for veg for juicing - £3.50 and Greensmiths in Waterloo for some pork mince and a sausage roll for my lunch - £6.40

The man has a terrible cold so though he went to work the theatre tickets went back - boo! So we had dinner at home - bun noodles, a salad of lettuce, cucumber and thai basil all topped with pork cooked with lemongrass, ginger and garlic, very good!

Spiced pork balls - mince in freezer - with roasted pumpkin salad and greens
Breakfast of muesli and coffee after juice
Man had the rest of Sunday's rice noodles for lunch
Decided I really fancied laksa or similar so went to Brixton and bought tofu and tofu puffs as well as coriander, soy sauce, coconut milk, green beans and veg to juice - £9.50
The laksa was a treat for dinner and used some more of the thai basil

 Italian cauliflower salad from PBS Splendid Kitchen
Juice then muesli and coffee to start
The man had the rest of the laksa for lunch and I ended up with some buttered salty crackers, all I felt like, they are £2.69 a pack from Malinka but last ages as there's dozens of little packs inside
Had cheese and olives when the man came home with a beer. Dinner was some lamb curry from the freezer with rice, cucumber raita and red onion sambal - so quick, so fabulous

Tofu, steamed aubergine and rice
Juice then rhubarb and yoghurt with coffee - have a few little pots of rhubarb in the freezer for start the day treats
The man had a tub of rice and leftover salads from last night - we'd scarfed all the curry! I had salami roll - salami from Camisa - £3.24 and bread from Wild Caper - £1.80
Dinner is chorizo and anya potato tortilla with salad and a chunk of bread on the side

Spent £86.38 over the week

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