Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Bought

4 pork chops for £8 from Ginger Pig - bargain! - and a lovely piece of boned rolled leg of pork to roast, 4 toulouse sausages that weighed about 250g each - they were huge and some unsmoked oyster bacon - total £25

5 litre tin of olive oil from Vaheed at Borough Olives - £22.50 - but it lasts for a few months

2 punnets of strawberries for £1 - another bargain! - and 5 apples also a pound from Kent apple farm

Lettuce, green pepper, canteloup melon that smelled divine, sugar snaps, cucumber, onions and bananas from Booths - £5

Celery and coriander from Tony - £2.50

Because the melon smelt so fabulous the lovely boyfriend said - Parma ham - so we went to a new stall that is Italian and only sells ham and buffalo mozzarella - their ham was beautiful, tried the mozzarella while the ham was being sliced and it was so good bought 2 of those - £7.50

Last week at Neal's Yard a farmer was selling his own sheep's milk soft cheese called Hoad. Had enough cheese then but promised to buy some this week because it was a great cheese - possibly the best english sheep's cheese I've come across - £5

Plus the usual from Neal's Yard of 2 litres of semi skimmed milk, 500ml thick plain yoghurt, 500ml sheep's milk plain yoghurt and a ciabatta £8.50

Last - but definitely not least - a chocolate brownie for my sweetheart - £1.50 - for him to nibble at all weekend

All in £79.50 for the week's food for both of us for 3 meals a day and all of it excellent quality

We had a wonderfully decadent lunch watching the women's final of Wimbledon with ham, mozzarella, olives, melon, bread and a cold glass of semillon - bliss

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