Friday, July 07, 2006

This week

This week we had:
grilled beef sausages, green salad and crusty bread on Saturday night
strawberry and banana and yoghurt smoothie with coffee for Sunday breakfast
cold sausage as a mid-morning snack
avocado and baby plum tomato on ciabatta for Sunday lunch
cauliflower soup (from the freezer) and soft oatcakes with grated caerphilly grilled and rolled for dinner
Coffee, cereals and yoghurt for breakfast all week
Jellied ham and parsley terrine with cannelini bean salad, cucumber, carrots, sugar snap peas and baby tomatoes for lunch Mon-Wed
Spinach and soft english sheep's cheese omelette, crusty bread from Paul and salad Monday night after seeing Princess Raccoon at the cinema - I liked the film but the lovely boyfriend was bemused... we both liked dinner
My friend Vicki made dinner Tuesday and stayed the night with us - her grandmother Phyllis's stuffed peppers, which were magnificent and coffee eclairs for dessert - also from Paul
Wednesday night we had peppers again as Vicki generously made enough for two days. No dessert though
Thursday for lunch we had the last pepper with salad, cold
Lentils and belly pork - the pork had been in the freezer for about 6 weeks - for supper
Leftover lentils for lunch Friday
Still have aubergine, courgette and some beans and tomatoes in the fridge so will make roasted aubergine salad, hot spiced courgettes and maybe spinach and yoghurt for supper

As well as ingredients for all the above I bought some toulouse sausages that are in the freezer, and some new potatoes that will make a nice salad or hot boiled over the weekend

Past their best and headed for the bin is the last of an oak leaf lettuce and a few sticks of celery, so not much to be thrown away

We are getting a worm farm in a few weeks so soon that won't be hitting the bin but feeding our fertilizer makers...

Haven't decided yet what to have next week

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