Friday, July 28, 2006

This Week

Monday - Coffee and cereals for breakfast, lunch from the deli at Alba because we had no food in after being away, dinner was grilled sausages from the freezer, potato salad, grilled onion salad and green salad, cold sliced gaia melon to finish

Tuesday - Coffee and melon for breakfast, cold sausage and salads for lunch, cheesy peas for tea

Wednesday - Coffee and cereals and yoghurt for breakfast the rest of the week, cold cheesy peas for lunch, zucchini frittata and herbed white beans for dinner

Thursday - Cold frittata and bean salad for lunch, grilled pork chops from the freezer and steamed potatoes and green salad for dinner

Friday - Tuna and white bean salad for lunch, spaghetti with tomato and green bean sauce for tea

Feeling quite pleased with myself having made a week of good food mostly from freezer and cupboard, proper amounts of fresh vegetables and a decent lunch every day. It's a bit more complicated than I'd be happy with every week to have a different lunch every day but it was certainly a treat that softened the blow of the return to work after holidays.

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