Monday, October 01, 2007

And this week ... I bought

The abiding image of the market this week is GIANT puffballs. Booths were selling them and they are so incredibly huge - like overstuffed cushions - that they were being sold by the slice. Utterly amazing. Autumn is here.

Started at Ginger Pig - turns out Chris has gone up to the farm in Yorkshire (for reprogramming perhaps get him out of his big city ways!) and Karl is on holidays. Even John had the day off so it was a newish crew serving Saturday. Bought a kilo of diced veal for blanquette Monday night - £14.30

Across the other side for a lovely peice of silverside from Lizzie at Wild Beef - roasted Wednesday night to perfection then cold for lunches Thursday - but no eggs this week as we didn't use the last lot yet - £11.80

As we are expecting Jaey and Marie for dinner Monday had to have cheeses - a big piece of Parmesan because we had run out (and some useless information, Waitrose charge £32 a kilo for their Parmesan so don't tell me the market is expensive). A few weeks ago Gianni gave me a piece of hard blue goats cheese to try that was amazing but I didn't buy any at the time as the man is not a fan of goats' cheese so this was my opportunity to buy a hunk and share. I also got a rocchetta because it is one of the worlds great cheeses. This much seemed enough but Gianni said choose one more and it will all be £20 so I got a lovely creamy piece of toma. An utterly perfect collection even though the blue was a sheep not a goat! Bliss.

Bought baby plum tomatoes from Isle of Wight though the season is nearly over - for lunches but probably the last I will buy for the year as they are starting to be bursting from their skins but not in a good way - over ripe and slightly sour - £3.50

Had run out of olive oil for cooking as well so bought a big tin from Vaheed at Borough Olives - it's Greek and endlessly useful as a basic oil - £19.50

Saw some lovely fat purple figs with a tiny tinge of green so bought 4 to have with the cheeses - a bargain £1

Then thought it would be good to have a bit of sweet as well at the end of dinner so bought a bag of chocolates from L'Artisan du Chocolat - £2

Had a little wander round the newer stalls in the main market and was tempted to try a little piece of smoked mackerel at Orkney Rose - it was good and I speak as someone who doesn't like mackerel except sushied so I bought a tub of smoked trout paté as a treat - had it on toast Monday night as a starter. It was nice but a little strong for me - £3.50

Back past Ginger Pig for a slice of paté de campagne - also on toast Monday night and it was perfect - £3.80

Booths - and I resisted the temptation to buy a slice of puffball because I don't know what to do with it but I shall find out this week and then get some. What I did buy was potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions - all roasted with beef Wednesday night, field mushrooms - for blanquette Monday, cucumber - still in the fridge, aubergine - with chick pea curry Thursday night, lettuce, sugarsnaps - lunches, fat bright brussel sprouts - with dinner Monday and Wednesday and carrots - one in the veal and the rest still in the fridge- £9 the lot

Then over to Monmouth where I was sad to learn that the beans they had from New Guinea were substandard and had been sent back - I really liked the coffee from there last time and had been looking forward to the new supply. Bought Guatamalan instead - £8

Neals Yard for yoghurt and milk and bread and pasta - £9.70

Then just needed almond croissant and brownie for a full shop - £3.50

A fairly hefty £109.60 - but Parmesan, oil and coffee all last longer than one week

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