Monday, October 08, 2007

And this week ... I bought

The market was remarkably quiet Saturday morning - stalls were laden but the crowds were thin. The air is cooler and the light is softer - definitely moving towards shorter days and colder nights.

My very first stop this week was Wyndhams who now sell a full range of meat as well as poultry in a revamped shop. I needed to make some stock so bought 4 carcasses and then added a couple of chicken breasts for dinner - £9.40

Then to Ginger Pig and the man liked sausages so much last week we bought loads more this week and some unsmoked bacon - £12.30

Next door at Silfield I bought a couple of wild boar chops to try something new - £6.90

Pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - what with rugby weekend and all - £4.90

Eggs from Lizzie at Wild Beef - £1.25

Chocolates for Mandy's birthday treat - £2
Apples and a pear to go with cheese from Chegworth Valley - £1.50

Booths had a fine display of mushrooms again this week but not the puffball slices. I bought potatoes, carrots, lettuce, beans, sugarsnaps, green pepper, nectarine, bananas, onions and sweet potatoes - £8

I bought a baguette from Marché du France for a change - £1

Neals Yard for milk bread and yoghurt - £7.90
Last of all was almond croissant and chocolate brownie - £3.50

A not unreasonable £58.65 for the week

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