Monday, October 29, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Early Saturday was very quiet at Borough Market making for a very pleasant shop. We didn't go to Ginger Pig for possibly the first time ever but I had decided I really wanted to try some wild boar as the roast for the week and so bought a lovely piece from Silfield Farm but a very expensive £26.70 We had some grilled wild boar chops from there a few weeks ago that were very good. I really enjoyed them - am hoping for the same for the roast. I so wanted this to be fabulous and it wasn't. We had a lovely roast dinner Monday and the leftovers made for great lunches but it wasn't uniquely special - the sort of thing that elicits a spontaneous wow! It was very good indeed but at that kind of price I don't imagine I would buy another roast - though would get some chops occasionally.

Next was collecting some oxtail I'd ordered from Lizzie at Wild Beef - not to be eaten this week but to marinate and cook to be ready later for the base of lasagne. Slow cooked in red wine and in the freezer for another day. It takes a couple of days of to have it perfect. Also bought eggs - poached on top of a friton salad Saturday night and the rest scrambled on toast Sunday night - which have gone up in price because the feed is doubling in price because so much of it is now being turned in to biodiesel, it is the same thing that is forcing bread prices up - so the total was £16.50

Cheese from Gastromica - a lovely creamy goat's cheese, a special toma that has been ripening nicely snacking - and a strong hard cow's milk, probably to grate over pasta - £10

Semi dried olives and a tub of dolmades from Taste of Turkey for more snacking on - £4.75

Apples - lunches -from Chegworth and a big cup of juice - £3.22

Delighted to see that Booths have yukon gold potatoes roast in again so lots of those as well as cabbage, lettuce, rocket, friton salad Saturday night, brussel sprouts roast, beans, sugarsnaps lunches, cucumber salad, butternut squash, swede, onions, carrots more for the roast Monday night and cold for lunch next day and bananas - £8
Milk, bread and pasta from Neals Yard - £8.60

Chocolate brownie and an almond croissant rounded off the mornings shop at Flour Power - £3.50

So a not excessive £81.27 for the week

The week as it turned out was cheese sandwiches for lunch Saturday then friton (little crsipy duck bits I buy in france and warm through) and walnut salad with crusty bread for supper

Sunday was the joy of porridge for breakfast - first for the autumn then lunch out at the Roxy watching trashy films like Dodgeball, then scrambled eggs on toast for tea

Monday I had boiled egg and salad for lunch - my man had started with the idea we were having nicoise for supper Saturday and so boiled some eggs which was lovely with crunchy things and then I roasted the wild boar and had it with butternut and swede in the same pan and goose fat potatoes separately and boiled brussel sprouts - all the prep is at the beginning then dinner is served when it's ready - no further effort required

Tuesday I had raw oats with milk for breakfast - nice and creamy with a little bite to them and cold roast for lunch. Dentist in the afternoon meant the rest of the parsnip soup was the perfect dinner, a little bread from the freezer to go with it

Wednesday -still in pain, so soft bread for lunch for me, roast and salad for the man, and I made a big pan of warmly spiced dal with fresh coriander chopped through at the end

Thursday - roast and dal for lunch, then roasted spiced cauliflower and peas with rice and cucumber in yoghurt for dinner - a bowl of pale flecked with green

Friday - the last of the roast with dal and cauliflower for lunch and will use the green beans with some bacon from the freezer to make pasta for supper with a salad

So left over from the week is a cabbage which I'd intended to have with a venison stew but the venison remains in the freeezer till next week as I made dal instead. I will probably cook it tomorrow night to go with roast chicken stuffed with the leftover rice from Thursday and the last of the carrots. Some cheese is still in the fridge too - but I'm contemplating having that tonight when I get in with a glass of red - it is Friday - and I'm worth it!

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