Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And this week ... I bought

The weekend seems so long ago I can hardly remember. It was a bit of a truncated shop at Borough Market as I am back doing my french classes on Tuesday nights and the man is doing a course at LSE on Thursdays and we have tickets tonight for the new production at the National of The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other - what a well rounded pair we are... So my food thoughts concentrated mostly on weekend meals and lunches.

Found Marie on the way in to the market which was a joy - she was there as a punter rather than working on the olive stall so she came with us to Ginger Pig where I bought a quite magnificent piece topside to roast for Sunday and eat cold in lunches as well as a couple of pork chops dinner Thursday and a thick slice of rump steak for a fab grill Saturday night and a cold sandwich for lunch on Sunday - a grand total of £38 - which is a lot but I have the same budget whether we are home every night or not so it is an opportunity to be a little bit decadent - it is February after all. Marie was so smitten by the topside she bought the other half of the same piece - we had the same Sunday roast at two different addresses.

Then it was run, run, run - pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - Saturday lunch - £4.90

And juice from Chegworth for sustenance - £1.50

Next Booths for veg - cabbage, potatoes, carrots roast dinner and half the cabbage in a salad Monday night, peppers rice salad for lunch boxes, rocket with steak, beans Monday salad, sugarsnaps lunch box crunch, turnip mashed Thursday with grilled pork, tried for sprouts but there were none, apples lunches, a grapefruit because the man bought a grapefruit knife and needs to use it, fennel, oak leaf lettuce to be part of salad nicoise Friday night - a grand total of £11.20

Quick - Scotch egg from the Ginger Pig - £3

Slowed momentarily for milk from Neals Yard where you still have to avoid the massive hole in the footpath to get into the shop - £2.80

On the road out - bread and a croissant from Flour Power - £3.20

So still managed to spend £64.60 for the week and yet back on the bus by 10
This time last year we were mostly eating peppers stir fried with black beans and one of my favourite things, lamb stuffed with spinach and mushrooms.

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