Monday, February 11, 2008

And this week ... I bought

It was just like spring in London on the weekend - what joy to have endless blue skies and warm air. The sun shone - just wonderful. Seemed to have prompted many to decide they'd like to do Borough Market early - there were queues everywhere even at 9am. Slowed us down a little but didn't put us off.

As ever we started at Ginger Pig - bought a serious piece of unsmoked gammon to cook made tipan to celebrate Chinese New Year and it was magnificent for lunches and some pork steak to make stir fry to also to celebrate chinese new year on Sunday night. I bought some lamb chops - had planned to be greedy on my own on Thursday night while the man was at college but I relented and got enough for us to have a really special dinner Saturday and some sausages in the freezer as well as some unsmoked bacon oysters some used in spaghetti sauce for Friday night and some in the freezer - £40 for cash.

Then eggs from Wild Beef a couple into a fruitcake for my friend David - £1.50

Coffee from Indonesia for a change - the guy who served me at Monmouth was very taken with it so I thought it was worth a try - £8

Then juice from Chegworth as it is always really good - £1.50

Smoked salmon for lunch Saturday - £5

Tuna from Brindisa for the cupboard - £3.20
They had rhubarb at Booths and I had to have some cooked it with a little sugar and had some spooned over yoghurt for really decadent breakfast all week, the rest is in the freezer so I can repeat the pleasure next weekl - bought masses, also pink fir potatoes hot with lamb chops Saturday night and then in salad Thursday night with grilled sausages, peppers, sugarsnaps, celery, fennel, rocket, various salads and lunches bananas, cucumber, spring onions stirfry and tipan- £13.20

Spinach from Tony to complete dinner Saturday night - £1.50

Milk, yoghurt and bread from Neals Yard - £9.20

More bread and a chocolate brownie but no almond croissant because they had none at Flour Power - £3.50

A big £86.60 for the week
This time last year we were mostly eating roasted vegetable pasta and also about this time winter salad came in to existence and it is still a frequent one, indeed because it is such a robust salad we had it in lunchboxes for a couple of days this week as a perfect compliment to the ham

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