Monday, February 25, 2008

And this week ... I bought

The man has had a fraught week or two at the office. I asked him what he'd like for dinner Saturday and he said ham, egg and chips. And for lunch? Ham sandwich. There's a great deal of pleasure as well as comfort in eating the familiar.
So at Ginger Pig we bought a big piece of smoked gammon for dinner Saturday night as requested and then with coleslaw and bean salad for lunches. I fancied sausages and salad for Sunday night so asked the butcher for some of the lamb sausages - he looked a little puzzled. Those, I said as I pointed to the ones labelled Black Sheep. He laughed and said no, they're pork but they've got added ale. Preferring my beer separate to my sausage I bought half a dozen cumberlands instead - and he gave me an ale one to try. With the addition of a couple of remarkably lean pork chops with mash and zucchinis Friday night it was £28 all together.

Some chocolates as a thank you for a colleague - £2

For the sandwich ham bought some parma and some mozzarella for Saturday lunch from the stall that sells only that - £9.20

Apple juice from Chegworth - £1.50

Wandered round the stalls on the far side and bought a lovely piece of cow's milk toma for snacking from the french stall - small compensation for not being in France ourselves - £5.50

Booths for potatoes, rocket, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, bananas - £4.90

Neals Yard for bread and yoghurt - £8.20

A baguette from the french grocers - £1

Fancied an almond croissant so went to Flour Power to discover they had hot cross buns - sheer indulgence - plus a cottage loaf and a chocolate brownie - £5

Altogether - £65.30 - not bad at all.

This time last year we were mostly eating rich braised beef - something I had vaguely wondered about having again this week.

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