Friday, July 04, 2008

And this week... I bought

Thought I'd try out adding a new element to this section of the blog. What I think I'll have for the following week and then see what I end up really having and how it affects the pattern of what I buy. We have the man's delightful niece staying this weekend while she attends music rehearsals. Saturday night I was planning to have warm roast beef and salads - potato, beetroot, green bought letttuce and things at Booths but didn't make a green salad and one other as yet undecided made roasted onion and green beans with enough left over for a few days lunches for us. She is a right little chocoholic so will make a batch of brownies as well. Big success!

Sunday breakfast may well be special - scrambled eggs and smoked salmon salmon people not there so just scramble on toast perhaps, or strawberry smoothies. We're out Sunday night - fun night at dinner at Davids. And Monday night to see the utterly wonderful Black Watch at the Barbican. And I'm out Tuesday night so the man can have the last of the spaghetti bolognese from the freezer.

Wednesday I'm thinking a quick spicy chickpea and spinach dish with some cucumber raita, got as far as the chickpeas but just added a dollop of yoghurt with some left for lunch Thursday. Might need rice to go with. No rice either!

Thursday I think noodles or some other kind of Chinese. Went for some other kind - market omelette with carrot and ginger stirfry over rice - very good indeed

Friday I plan to use the steak from the freezer that I put in there a couple of weeks ago with a big salad and a little crusty bread. On target!

Borough Market was very quiet Saturday morning - not helped I suspect by the teeming rain. Absolutely chucking it down. Bleugh. We started as ever at Ginger Pig where I bought a spectacular piece of topside to roast - £25.20 - a lot but it was dinner Saturday and lunches in the week so reasonable in the end

Then we wandered over to the other side for eggs from Wild Beef - £3 a dozen for Sunday breakfast and omelette Thursday

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight - they were looking particularly shiny and bright lunches and omelette - £3.50
And chocolates - £2

A summer cabbage bought it thinking I'd make a curry but didn't but it is still fine so plan to use it Sunday to make coleslaw and onions from Ted's Veg - £2.20

Coffee beans from Monmouth - £9

Posh chick peas spiced with spinach Wednesday night in a jar from Brindisa - £2.95

Booths for veg - lots of new crop Duke of York red for salad - they are the same variety I buy later in the year as main crop potatoes that make the best roast potatoes, a consistently wonderful thing, red onions, green beans salad, carrots stirfry, lettuce, cucumber, tangerines lunches and zucchinis still in the fridge but still fine to use over the weekend - £10.80

Half a kilo of spinach from Tony used most of it with chickpeas but the rest I hoped to have with steak Friday night but had to bin it as it was past it- £1.50

Neals Yard for bread for sandwiches and toast and the last bit went in the bin, milk, pasta to replace some I'd used last week and yoghurt for breakfast - £12.20

Then decided we needed salami for a sandwich so went back in to the market to Gastronomica for some napoli - £1.80

A cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1 No brownies as I'd made a pan the night before which, though not quite as spectacularly fabulous as the ones they sell were still pretty amazing

So all together we spent £75.15 this week

Extras I bought this week were butter and posh biscuits from Waitrose and ginger, spring onions and a little bit of minced pork in Chinatown

This time last year we were mostly eating chickpeas! but with tomato curry and spaghetti with tomato and ginger.

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