Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating Chicken

Over on A Merrier World Kate has organised a campaign to highlight the importance of knowing the way in which your chickens are raised. She has written a fascinating piece about the last 50 years or so of commercial poultry production, which is frightening in its detail about intensively reared birds. It is well worth reading and pondering before you buy another chicken from the supermarket - or indeed from anywhere.

In an earlier piece she challenged food bloggers in general to join together to raise the awareness of the ramifications of factory production of these birds. I think it is hugely important and so this post is simply devoted to adding my voice to this campaign.

I wrote a piece a little while ago paying £17 for a chicken and how that made me panic slightly at spending so much. Then I cooked that lovely chicken and we ate various meals for a week and by the end it turned into an economical purchase. The last thing I made from it was a very fine Chicken and Tarragon Soup.

I firmly believe that it is worth paying more for better quality and using it all, thereby being frugal at the same time as being extremely well fed. Well worth aspiring to.

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