Friday, July 25, 2008

And this week...I bought

After a few changes last week to what I thought about and what we had, I shall try again to make a plan for dining. Saturday I fancy fish - possibly salmon with dill sauce and new potatoes to use the last of the bunch of dill and to dig up some more potatoes from the garden bought a fillet of Whitby cod and crumbed it and made a superlative dill sauce with yoghurt, sour cream, cucumber and lemon juice blended with the dill - it would make a fabulous summer soup. Sunday I think cold collation in the day went to the cinema and had dim sum after in Chinatown and risotto in the evening as we have lots of flowers on the squash plants and I'm not confident about battering or stuffing them! The flowers survived and I made grilled sausages instead with a brilliant lentil salad instead with leftovers for lunch Monday pasta with fresh herbs from the garden. Tuesday the lovely Marie is coming to dinner so I think chinese - anise chicken, sesame noodles and a cabbage and a cucumber salad - all cold, mostly made the night before did that and had coriander salad as well with chilled melon for dessert. Possibly something hot to nibble on at the start. or not. Wednesday salad, possibly with omelette, maybe nicoise went with omelette. Thursday grilled pork chops and salad more pasta, this time with tomato and basil, Friday veg curry perhaps. Though that seems very far away. And the steak from the freezer beckons with the last of the salad for a Friday night treat.

Saturday was hot hot hot at the market, and no breeze to offer respite. The traders all seemed very cheerful though and that was nice. Fairly quiet too which was a bonus for us. Started at Ginger Pig - no surprise there - where Charlie was being berated by John for forgetting to bring him some runner beans from his allotment. Butchers like vegetables too. I bought a couple of chicken breasts star anise chicken Tuesday night with leftovers for lunches, a couple of thick pork chops freezer where they remain and some old spot sausages Sunday supper for a very reasonable £19. They had a big sign out the front promising free bones and I asked John for some pork bones, thinking I might make a noodle soup. But he came back from the fridge saying they weren't good enough so he gave me a couple of chicken carcasses instead.

Then to Booths for salads - cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, and oranges, lemons, spring onions, cabbage half remains but will get used on the weekend and broccoli intended for pasta Thursday night but when I chopped it there was a strong smell of the sea, like fresh prawns which struck me as very odd so I threw it away - £5.90

Finally decided on cod crumbed Saturday night as the fish of choice, bought a lovely fillet of Whitby cod from Furness - £7.90

Then across the other side but not wanting much - still had some cheese and eggs, too hot for chocolate, so after a wander we came back to the main market to buy coffee from Monmouth - £8.50

Bought a pork pie for lunch - so long since we've had one - £4.90

Then to Tony's for bunch of beetroot, peppers and aubergine still in the fridge, but okay for the weekend - £2.70

Neals Yard - and I was sorry to hear that it was Naomi's last day - she's off on holidays before starting University - I shall miss her cheerful self. Bought some Hoxton rye - again a long time since we had some, as well as milk and yoghurt - £9.80

Then a cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1

Thought that was all but the melons at Elsey and Bent smelt divine so bought one for £1

A total of £60.70 - not bad!

Bought onions and radishes from my local fruit shop, mint, parsley and coriander as well as lentils and sesame seeds at Brixton market, and sour cream, because I forgot when I was in Neals Yard, as well as cornflour in Sainsburys.

Two years ago we were mostly eating rosemary scallops with gremolata - and what a treat that is!

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