Friday, June 12, 2009

I wanted...I bought ... I made

To France last weekend so no Borough and a few days of mostly eating from the freezer upon our return. Oh and confit duck and duck fat potatoes with a little salad Thursday night to prolong the french experience.

Rumour has it the weekend will be warm so I quite fancy scallops and salad or something similar had lovely crumbed cod and peashoot salad Saturday night. Sunday perhaps tandoori chicken with rice and spiced onions huh! had the rice but with spare ribs and green peppers with black beans as it turns out the man does not like tandoori and things with lots of yummy leftovers for lunchboxes. Monday and Tuesday I'm out so the man will fend for himself, perhaps with the help of a steak & kidney pie from Mrs Elizabeth King. Wednesday noodles ma po tofu and rice and Thursday tortilla and salad should have gone with that but instead tried out a new recipe for black beans and rice and the nicest thing about it was the raita and coriander on top, the beans were decidedly savoury and I don't mean that in a good way. Oh well, broken eggs, omelettes and all that. Friday we're out - so an easy kind of week.

Turns out the man doesn't like tandoori chicken. So much for planning.

Borough Market was lovely and quiet first thing Saturday with neither dogs nor pushchairs blocking our way. The Ginger Pig still has lots of big signs asking people to queue on one side only - not sure if it's working. Bought a magnificent piece of rolled shoulder of porkfreezer and some smoked bacon also freezer then my eye was caught by a pile of spare ribs so, after a quick confab with the man bought a sheet with the plan to now be chinese Sunday with leftovers for lunch and the shoulder could go into the freezer for another week. Cost £25.70

Then around to Booths but stopped with delight at the return of the smoked salmon stall - Muirenn are back! Celebrated by buying a tub for lunch £5

Booths next for carrots, the biggest cucumber I have ever seen some in salad Saturday and some in raita Thursday and some still in the fridge, sugarsnaps lunchboxes, a butternut had a plan but didn't use it but will be good for a while and baby plum tomatoes Saturday supper and lunchbox - £5 for cash

At Furness I bought a cod fillet that I crumbed with home made sourdough crumbs and fried till crisp and golden for a real treat Saturday night - £5.80

From Lizzie at Wild Beef some eggs scrambled with salmon for lunch Saturday and hardboiled for lunchbox Thursday - £1.50 - she told us the hens are coming to the end of their lives and so lay slightly misshapen eggs with much thinner shells

Back over to Monmouth for coffee daily necessity - £10

Three green peppers from tony a pound stirfried Sunday night

Neals Yard for milk, yoghurt and pasta - with hopes as well of buying an english stick only to discover they no longer sell them - disastre! - so it was a small pugliese instead - £11.20

A toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10 completed the shop

Spent £66.20 and also bought tofu, onions, peanut oil, butter

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