Friday, June 19, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

Black beans on rice with raita and coriander - sadly not great!

We are away for the weekend to see the lovely Marie and John in Gloucestershire which will be an adventure as I've not been to Gloucestershire before - or not knowingly. But it will be after Borough so still need a plan for the week. Sunday night on our return we will have something from the freezer - probably lamb and chickpeas with a little pasta better still stayed for a bbq in their wonderful garden and got in in time for bed. Monday I am hoping to try a new tortilla recipe had hot pies with mash and carrots and peas I found on line this week with salad from our garden! Tuesday the lovely Vicki is coming over so I'm thinking Moro - chorizo, dried mutton, date and parsnip salad, lentils or chickpeas moro fest it was with lentils and roasted peppers, morcilla with apple and hot padron peppers - the kind of thing that is utterly foreign in the food mecca of Singapore where she normally resides. Wednesday stirfry noodles omelette and leftover salads, Thursday there is an african lentil recipe I would like to try sausages and potato salad, though after this week's disaster with black beans might leave it and Friday salad with burgers - or sausage sarnies!

Saturday was brightish and warmish but the man wasn't so I set off alone to Borough. With my trusty trolley I figured I could just about manage. For the first time in I can't remember how long I didn't start at the Ginger Pig as I had nothing on my list to buy from them. But I was delighted to see a big sign out the front advertising pork ribs - after saying last week they can be hard to come by this week there is an abundance.

I started instead at Booths where I bought potatoes mashed with pies Monday, padron peppers, little gem lettuce, parsnips salads for Tuesday and beyond, kohlrabi, Spanish onions and sugarsnaps lunches but forgot to buy garlic which could very quickly be a disaster - £8.30

At Brindisa I bought chorizo and morcilla the Tuesday spanish fest for £7.77

Smoked salmon on toast Saturday again as it was so good last week £5

From Lizzie at Wild Beef I got eggs omelette Wednesday for £1.50

Olives for Marie and John from Taste of Turkey for £2.80
Beetroots and parsley Tuesday dishes from Ted's Veg - £2.30

Coffee from Monmouth hostess gift - £10

2 pies from Mrs King the plan had been to eat them before setting off for the train but there was no time so we had them Monday night with mash and peas and they were just lovely - £5

Peppers 4 roasted with spanish onions for lentil salad from Tony 6 @ £2

Milk, yoghurt and cream the plan had been to go with strawberries for dessert Tuesday night but it proved impossible to get good english strawberries so we had cheese instead and the cream is in the freezer from Neals Yard - £7.20

And a cottage loaf toast! from Flour Power £1.10

So a reasonable £52.97 but it's not the same going alone - much more interesting to have the man there to ask what he'd like for lunch or to point out something new or different. Next week.


Angie said...

Should you ever find yourself skint and having to tighten your belt (I hope not but humour me.....), may I suggest you try Aldi Stores' Bratwurst with your potato salad. Potato Salad can be whatever you want it to be of course but these Aldi Bratwurst are the closest I have tasted to the German real thing.

I love reading your tales of Borough Market and what you've been eating at your house - or not, as the case may be!

Oh, apparently Aldi hasn't spread south yet. Oh well, if it does........

bron said...

Angie I'll definitely keep it in mind. I can remember when I was a kid a German deli opened near us and they had the most amazing potato salad with bratwurst and chopped hard boiled eggs mixed through it and I just LOVED it. I was so surprised that it was possible to have more than one version - must confess till then I'd only ever had the Oz version of potato, salad cream and chopped raw onion.

Glad you like the blog - love getting your comments. Often make me laugh!