Friday, May 28, 2010

I wanted ... I bought ... I made

This is my first attempt at steaming eggs in their shells - not perfect yet!

Bank holiday this weekend and already it is clouding over. It's not even lunch time Friday. Had a vague plan to talk Jaey and Marie into making barbecue for us Saturday but given the forecast is 14 degrees and raining they are coming to us for all things duck with magret and friton we brought back from France - great lunch with hollandaise asparagus to start and pruneaux to finish and lovely company all the way. Sunday I have my heart set on chinese supper with cold dressed beef tendon as my central dish made a big plate of crystal spring rolls after lunch out earlier. Monday I think rare roast beef with all the trimmings. Tuesday will be pasta spicy beef tendon, Wednesday I quite fancy lentils cauliflower curry and a couple of spiced salads, Thursday we are out at the theatre.

It was cold and bleak and ready to rain at Borough by 9 am. Bleuugh. Started at Ginger Pig where I asked John for a perfect piece of beef to roast. He nipped into the fridge and came back with a really stunning piece of rolled topside roasted Monday night then cold in lunches it was one of the nicest pieces of beef we've had for a while, also bought bacon as we'd decided to treat ourselves to a fry up Saturday morning and another Sunday- £21.30

From Booths I bought lots of cornish new potatoes, as well as King Edwards, courgettes, carrots, fennel, grapefruit and bananas - £6.50

Searched and searched and finally found some watercress for a beetroot and grapfruit salad for Saturday at Turnips - £1.95 - I thought it would have been abundant by now...

Asparagus, because it is irresistable, with hollandaise and friton as a starter Saturday - 2 bunches from the farm stall - £7

Eggs from Wild Beef - 2 boxes - £3

Olive oil loaf from Rhodes - £2

Strawberries from Chegworth - £2 - our first smoothies of the season Monday and Tuesday for breakfast

Milk, yoghurt and cream from Neals Yard - £11.20

Spent £54.95 but picked up a few more things in Brixton like sprouts and peppers and aubergine to round out the weeks needs

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