Friday, May 07, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Also made szechwan pepper and spring onion oil

This is a funny week - I have food chain Sunday and we are off to France for the weekend Thursday so simple is partly the order of the shop, or v v quick at least. Saturday night we are out as well so I'm thinking, despite the weather, I shall pretend it really is spring and go for asparagus, parma ham and new potatoes pre theatre. Sunday I think fennel pasta as I still have fennel from last week. Monday I'm meeting the lovely Vicki early so I shall have grilled pork chops with new potatoes and cabbage for quick and good had steamed eggs and cabbage with rice, Tuesday some risotto was the pork chops, wonderful cornish new potatoes and steamed cabbage, Wednesday maybe sausage sandwiches or cheese, something easy going out for cinema and dinner, easiest option of all!.

Got to Borough remarkably early and it was bliss. Practically empty but all the stalls were set up so all was quiet and calm. At the Ginger Pig I bought some pork chops and a pork steak still in the freezer will make paella next week for £11.80

Parma ham from the Italian ham and cheese stall from a young guy who was standing perfectly still at the back of the stall looking down almost as though he was having a quick nap! Turns out he was reading the paper... £5

Onions and green pepper from Ted's Veg -£1,50

Asparagus perfect Saturday pre theatre supper simply steamed and served with parma ham and crusty bread from a temporary stall that comes each year - £3.50

Eggs and sausages freezer from Wild Beef - £5.50

Then I went on a hunt for new season potaoes - Ted only had the generic variety, Booths had small duke of yorks but they were sprouting, Turnips had cornish new - a particular favourite of mine - but they were £8.60 a kilo but surprisingly not studded with diamonds, veg man out the back had Jerseys for £2 a bow but there were only about 6 in the bowl till finally I bought cornish new from Secretts for £3 Sometimes you have to work hard for your desires!

At Neals Yard I bought milk, cream and yoghurt - £7.70

A baguette and a cottage tin from Flour Power - £2.60 - and I was back on the bus!

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