Friday, June 11, 2010

I wanted...I bought..,.I made

Look at that lovely morcilla

It has been a long grey wet week with a kind of wintery half light most of the time. Supposedly sunny for the weekend which seems so immensely unlikely that perhaps it is true. On the basis it might be I think we shall have english smorgasbord and join the nation in watching the first match in the World Cup. Slightly odd mix of mini scotch eggs, summer rolls and asparagus with aioli, not a match made in heaven but then neither was the football. Not really my thing but right about now it seems futile to resist. Sunday I am out for the morning but I fancy spice roasted lamb and perhaps some tabbouleh, warm butterbean mash instead and spiced mashed carrots big bright in your mouth clean flavours. Monday I think simple stir fry noodles, Tuesday spag bol because it has been so long! Wednesday I am out but the man could have pasta again, Thursday lentils with haloumi turns out we were out Thursday not Friday which I discovered after I got home Thursday but a mad dash got us to the Barbican on time! and Friday we're out, much to the man's delight we are home so can have hot sausages, salad and crusty bread in front of the footie which is good as it tends to be the dinner I can't imagine a week before.

Watery sunlight for our trip to Borough this week and, bizarrely, the market was practically empty. Football didn't kick off till 7.30 so not sure what that was about! At the Ginger Pig I bought a shoulder of lamb that they very kindly halved for me,half in the freezer half spiced and steamed Sunday for dinner and cold for lunch a couple of days, pork mince scotch eggs, chicken carcasses and a pig's foot, split big pot of stock as I'd run out - cost £25.17

At Booths couldn't think quite what I wanted so ended up buying only beetroot will make salad with it raw early next week and bananas meant for smoothie but ended up as lunches - £1.40

Freshly caught and peeled prawns rice paper wraps Saturday night from Shellseekers - £4.80

Eggs and sausages meant for lunch Saturday but went into freezer and now are dinner Friday from Wild Beef - £4.50

Asparagus from the special stall, even though at that very moment there was no plan but it was lovely steamed and served with aioli Saturday - £3.90

Tomatoes from Isle of Wight, expensive but good, lunches and some roasted with garlic and herbs as the sauce with sausages Friday night - £3.50

Wandering past the Gamston Ostrich stall noticed they had salami - had to be worth a try - still in the fridge but it will be fine next week -£3.90

Talked about smoked salmon but decided against

Coffee from Monmouth - £11.50

Milk and pasta from Neals Yard - £7.60

A brownie for my sweetie - £2

That was all - £68.27

And finally a question for you if you've read this far. The morcilla in the picture came back with us from Spain and I put it in the freezer till last Friday whereupon I split them as shown then grilled them. They were truly fabulous but even under a high heat for a short burst they fell apart. Any one know how to cook them and keep them intact?


Anonymous said...

Good morning Bron,I believe the problem with the sausages was that the heat was too hot. When they cook the filler, spices etc. swell and that is what caused them to break apart. Also, splitting them in half left them without a 'supporting' frame to help them stay together. Next time I would suggest you cut them crosswise in thick slices and gently pan fry them.
Hope that helps. I greatly enjoy your weekly messages. Kay

bron said...

Hi Kay

Thank you! I really love morcilla and had assumed heat was best. I shall be gentle next time and see how it goes.

Glad you enjoy my posts.

Have a great weekend.


Valentina said...

My mum used to make tabblouleh all the time. lebanese immigration in Brasil started in late 19th centuries, and we have 'adopted' certain lebanese dishes.Tabbolouleh ( tabule as we say it) being one of them. I am envious of you for being so well organized with your meal planning. I sometimes don't know if I am going or coming with my weekly meals.

bron said...

I didn't know there was a big lebanese migration to Brasil. I love the way new cultures bring their fabulous ways to other countries, especially food related. The vast numbers of immigrants over the year's is one reason that Australia has such a great food culture. Certainly added to the delights of my childhood.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

I'd really like to try a piece of that. MUST MUST MUST visit Borough Market soon. Checking the calendar now...

bron said...

Handled right Borough is guaranteed to bring joy to your life Sarah! Go early...