Friday, June 25, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

This week I am also going to Borough Market for the shopping as well as doing the planning - the man may be pleased! It is finally properly hot like summer and has been for days. Forecast is for more. I am delighted.

So - I have food chain Sunday so Saturday will be busy busy and I am determined to go to the cinema that so did not happen! so I'm thinking salmon and parsley butter with new potatoes and salad will be quick and wonderful in the evening. Sunday we are heading to Richmond for a bbq with Jaey and Marie and their little dawgie Eddie -which I am seriously looking forward to totally brilliant afternoon. Monday is more bbq - but only for me see chef Adam above cooking burgers at The Avalon - so the man may well have pie and beans in front of the footie - difficult for him but I'm sure he'll cope. Tuesday I think tofu and cabbage omelette and salad with six cereal loaf from Paul. Wednesday I am still trying to get those lentils, I did and they were not good, too sad after weeks of anticipation Thursday I am wondering about spaghetti bolognese that I have in the freezer and it was good Friday we are out. An easy week.

Saturday was blue sky sunny and balmy from the off. Such a pleasure to be out and Borough was fairly quiet very early. Someone had parked an aston martin on the corner of Park Street and as we wandered up a big truck was trying to negotiate the corner and avoid the car. The disaster seemed so imminent there were plenty of onlookers curious to see the outcome.
Coffee from Monmouth - bought while the man watched the drama - £11.50 - Too many watchers so the truck guy had to go slooooooooow and squeak past without doing damage. Not always the outcome...

No meat on the list so no visit to Ginger Pig - makes for a skewed Borough shopping sensation for me.

Went to Ted's Veg who had no carrots as they couldn't get any decent ones - bought onions, cucumber and leeks - £2.80

Chocolates from L'Artisan du Chocolat - a bargain £2

Went to the Green Market only to discover that the asparagus people were not there this week, which was disappointing. Bought eggs from Lizzie at Wild Beef - £1.50

At Booths they did have carrots, also bought garlic, jersey royals, celery, spanish plum tomatoes to see if they roast sweetly they don't, were slightly bitter so will buy Isle of Wight till later in the summer and bananas, including a second bunch of free bananas that were at the end of their life but should make good cake - £5,20

At Furness I bought two fillets of wild salmon that were thick and a lovely sludgy grey pink - £9,50 Expensive but sublimely good simply pan fried in butter for a couple of minutes each side then finished in the oven for a couple of minutes

Strawberries from Chegworth because they always have the best - £3.50 As I was waiting to pay I heard someone at the Gastronomica stall say 'lovely to see you back' so, stickybeak that I am, I looked around to see who it was and, much to my surprise, it was Gianni! He's been off crewing boats off Plymouth for about a year and he's back till December.

So of course had to go and buy some cheese, he told us he'd had a great time, offered us bits of cheese to sample while complaining that now he is behind a counter and all the cheese is refrigerated, even though it is not the best way to keep it but it is H&S European directive. Bought a serious hunk of a soft tangy cheese and a soft goat's cheese for £10

The over to Neals Yard for milk and cream and yoghurt - £11.80

Toast bread and a brownie for my lovely one - £3.10

That was all - £58.90 and back on the bus

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