Friday, July 16, 2010

I wanted ... I bought... I made

Saturday night special!

Decidedly cooler this week but there is promise it may creep up again next week. Quite fancy fish Saturday I twittered to find out what to do with beetroot and @corkgourmetguy suggested jelly with smoked fish so, intrigued, I juiced 2 beetroots added some red wine vinegar and leaf gelatine and made this lovely ruby dice to sprinkle over smoked salmon and dill potatoes, I have a small roast in the freezer that I bought at Oval Farmers Market last weekend that I fancy shredded into noodle salad Sunday it was good but not great in the way Ginger Pig roasts are but it worked drenched with nuoc cham, served up with hot cabbage salad, slow roast tomatoes and steamed rice. Monday the tofu may yet happen no! it was barley salad stained red with the rest of the beetroot jelly served up with grilled haloumi and pitta bread one version of a cheese sandwich. Tuesday pasta with smoked bacon, parsley, chilli and garlic, Wednesday I am out so the man might like pie he really liked fish and chips instead, Thursday he is out and I might like steak! Friday omelette probably.

We were a bit later than usual Saturday morning and the crowds were definitely thicker, lots of people everywhere. I resisted the temptation to go to the Ginger Pig for their £16.50 special on 45 day aged rump, but that could be a mistake. Rectified Thursday when I bought some on the way home! Instead we started at Booths where again the potatoes weren't up to much - don't know what is going on - so bought cucumber, lettuce and a couple of beetroot look at those lovely jelly cubes. Cost £2.30

Then to Wild Beef for eggs and minced beef for the freezer - £9.50

At Teds Veg I decided I would try their new potatoes as the young woman who runs the stall assured me they were lovely they were and so were worth the price, also bought onions - £2.20

At Chegworth I bought strawberries for smoothies and apples for lunches £4.40

Gastromica had no fennel sausages and when I tried De Lieto's near home they had none either finally got some at the deli near Exmouth Market but have yet to make my pasta

Smoked salmon from Ireland - £5

Coffee from Monmouth - £11.50

Lots of dairy from Neals Yard - creme fraiche, yoghurt and milk - £11.80

Small toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

Not an expensive week - £47.80 - and hopefully not a lot more through the weeek! There was steak and an avocado, some butter and biscuits as well as the sausages.

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