Friday, July 09, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Smoked mozzarella on toast for breakfast

Mega hot forecast for the weekend - perfect for cold collation, and we so love them! The flat peaches were so good last week, I'm thinking more of those and lots of salty things, ham, chorizo, olives and radish from the garden plus a couple of hot things like baby morcilla and padron peppers it made a perfect Saturday night. Beat the heat big time. Sunday is football final, had been thinking Spanish but now think Indian with chicken and lots of veg side dishes and dill rice plain rice and salads and saffron yoghurt chicken with the lovely Vicki and MR Johnson over to share. Monday we are out, Tuesday there is some tofu in the fridge needs using it's still there as we had red cooked aubergine, steamed cabbage and rice, Wednesday I am out for a while so spag bol from the freezer the man had some and I had fried eggs on toast much later, Thursday a pie perhaps, as I bought a second hand copy of Tamsin Day Lewis's Tarts with Tops that I haven't used yet went to see Django Drom and had dinner before at St John. Friday probably omelette and salad thinking make garlic bread to go with the rest of the spaghetti and a crisp salad.

Hot it was - just like a proper summer. Borough was cool enough though and a pleasant way to shop. Had a chicken in the freezer so had nothing to buy from Ginger Pig. Headed straight to Booths instead. Spent about ten minutes sniffing melons to find a good one, finally decided on a rockmelon dessert Sunday night, also sniffed a few little flat peaches before choosing the final selection. Also bought cucumber, cabbage, fennel, bananas and padron peppers - £12.90

From Brindisa I couldn't resist a bargain so bought a tin of mussels and a jar of pepper and tomato sauce as well as mini morcilla half hot Saturday night rest in the freezer along with a spicy chorizo - £11.20

From the Isle of Wight I bought a vine of tomatoes, lovely shiny red fat ones for a brilliant tomato, mint and spring onion salad Sunday - £2

Chocolates from L'Artisan du Chocolat - £2

No Wild Beef, no eggs!

A fabulous Pecorino from Gastronomica - £10

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £6.60

Toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

Spent £45.80 - cheap! Also bought aubergines, coriander and spring onions at Brixton Market

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