Friday, July 30, 2010

I wanted ... I bought ... I made

I have a serious desire for steak so that may be supper Saturday did buy steak but made a thai salad with it which wasn't as great as I'd hoped but lunch will definitely be our fabulous first cucumber with buffalo mozzarella and basil oil and a little crusty bread. Sunday I have arborio rice in the cupboard and courgette in the fridge so am planning a tourte from an intriguing recipe from Anna del Conte, with a crunchy salad and leftovers for lunches for a day or two. Monday we are out at the Young Vic to see The Beauty Queen of Leenane so dinner will be Anchor & Hope. Yay. Tuesday I think the lamb shoulder from the freezer with garlic sauce and something beetroot made a proper roast dinner with roast potatoes, roast beetroot and steamed carrots and beans from the garden and it was fabulous which will make fine lunches for a few days after, Wednesday friton salad perhaps followed by jam roly poly the man was out so I made myself some pork chop soup, Thursday zigni from the freezer with couscous as I need to perfect making couscous that will have to wait as we had friton and gesier salad! Friday I do love an omelette but I shall be having warm camembert and crusty bread.

Saturday morning it was raining when I woke up. Seems like a long time since I lay in bed and listened to raindrops hitting the window. It was all splashy and wet getting to Borough Market, puddles everywhere. Meant the market was quiet though. Started at Ginger Pig where I bought a small thick slice of steak, having decided on thai dinner rather than simple steak and salad. Also bought some smoked oyster bacon which is now in the freezer - £9.20 the lot.

Then to Wild Beef as we had finally brought the egg box mountain back, it was perilously close to tumbledown. Bought eggs, of course. £1.50

Teds Veg had their lovely lincolnshire new potatoes salad for lunchboxes with the roast lamb and savoy cabbage piled up and some really really fat fennel for a salad Sunday night and then into lunches £3.80

Wanted mozzarella so seemed a good idea to have a sheet of parma ham as well, that sorts breakfast and lunch - £10.90

Garlic - I nearly forgot, but the man remembered. Got a couple of serious sized heads from Booths £1

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £4.70

Limes and shallots from Tony's - £1.20
Bread from Flour Power - £1.10
Spent £33.40 Also bought filo, spring onions, more limes(!), more bread, rhubarb and butter. And a pork chop later in the week from Ginger Pig at Waterloo to make my soup.

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