Friday, August 06, 2010

I wanted... I bought... I made

I am on a mission to clear cupboard and freezer so am trying to use what we have to make the menu this week. So Saturday I fancy steamed tofu and something noodle had a little thai fest with stuffed with pork and prawn, a lemongrass and prawn relish, shredded cabbage salad and rice and it was very very nice. Sunday I am thinking of making a baked aubergine pasta with leftovers for lunches. Monday burgers and salad because I want to try them with guinness. Tuesday we are out to see La BĂȘte, Wednesday risotto omelette and salad, Thursday grilled pork chops potato and cabbage bake and Friday we are out for dinner we're in for Burmese noodles.

It was cold again and raining Saturday morning and Borough was almost empty just gone nine. I wasn't looking for meat this week so we went past the Ginger Pig and into Teds Veg to start. Bought potatoes, carrots and a beautiful big head of celery which so far has only had the leaves chopped into the potato pie - £4.30

Then to the Italian stall for mozzarella - two lovely buffalo balls for £4.90

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight into a curry sauce - £2

Headed to find Lizzie at Wild Beef to find her stall has not only moved but halved in size. It is her punishment from the market trustees for not wanting a stall on Thursday - it is not economic for their business as most trade is tourists who are not going to buy fresh meat to take back to their hotel. But it is part of a wider move by the trustees to turn Borough into a solely tourist destination with traders selling 'things in jars' as souvenirs and some ready made food for lunch. They no longer have a care for traders who sell ingredients or those, like us, who want to shop for them. It is simple enough, given the markets popularity, to allow those traders who sell fresh food to have stalls only Saturday, particularly as this is how the market in general and stalls like Wild Beef traded initially. It is the result of their hard work and dedication that Borough Market exists in its present state at all. Those who aim their business at the tourists can trade early in the week. But instead they are simply getting rid. The Essex fish stall that replaced the Devon fishermen - who were told they could not trade only on a Saturday despite not selling their fabulously fresh fish on weekdays - was not even there this week, and their attendance is random at best. Rhodes, a more recent bread stall that sold really good bread since 2003 at the market also found they had little trade on Thursday and they were told they couldn't keep the stall without Thursdays. They have gone. But the most shocking thing is that Tony Booth will cease trading at Borough on 28th August, driven out by the intractability of the trustees. When he told them he was going they asked him to sell the name on as a brand so that someone else could sell vegetables in his place. Tells it all really, it's his family name and, funnily enough, not a brand to him. He will continue his highly respected business, using his own name, from Maltby Street in September. Beginning to wonder whether it's time to find a new source of food. Bought eggs - £1.50

Bought prawns from Shellseekers Saturday supper - £3.70

Then to Booths - while I can - for garlic, lettuce and cucumber - £3.97

From Neals Yard I bought a stunningly rich piece of cheddar, milk and yoghurt - £12.10

A cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

And some giant bananas from Elsey & Bent - £1.96

Realised after I got home that I forgot to buy coffee even though it was the first thing on my list - thoroughly discombobulated at the way Borough is heading - so went back later to a thronged out market for some dark roast costa rican - £10.50

So eventually spent £46.03. Also bought spring onions, tofu, coriander, haricot blanc, rice flour, coconut cream, butter, nuts and biscuits. And a tub of cream later in the week as well as a loaf from St John.

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