Friday, August 13, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Saturday will be grilled pork chops and salad, Sunday will be roast, possbibly the beef of old England drunken chicken and sweet and sour cucumber for a delicate repast that made for grreat lunches with sesame noodles, Monday will be salad and jam roly poly diary was wrong theatre was Monday but I realised in time, Tuesday we are at the theatre splendid salad composé with friton and gesier and duck fat potatoes topped with a poached egg, Wednesday pork paella vegetable curry with paratha, Thursday something with bean curd sheets or fermented bean curd, both nestling in my cupboard crying out to be used they will be but bought lamb chops at the new market in Broadgate and they were perfect with new potatoes and rocket salad. Friday noodles perhaps more likely bean curd three ways!.

We were early and the market was quiet but the stalls were all set up. The Rabot chocolate shop was closed - you can tell it's a chain - opens at 9 and not before. Charlie was cheerful at the Ginger Pig, told me they may have grouse in on Thursday so I'll snaffle two if they arrive. they have and that's a big excitement as I've never cooked them before. In the meantime I bought a chicken drunken chicken Sunday and lunches all week and one pork chop - had one in the freezer and it is my mission to be using what I have - together they made a good Saturday dinner. £18.85

Then to Chegworth as they are selling some vegetables as well as apples - bought a sweetheart cabbage either creamed with bacon with grouse or into chinese hot pot Friday night, new potatoes some steamed with pork chops Saturday but I am beginning to think they don't really steam well, certainly I've never done it successfully and the rest I fried in duck fat very successfully for dinner Tuesday, tiny zucchinis made a bright curry with carrots Wednessday night and apples lunches - £4.45 - which pretty much covers all I'll need as there is plenty in the garden at the moment

Eggs from Wild Beef - £1.50 - where Lizzie had a vase of sweet peas on her stall - perfect summer flowers and the man made me a perfect breakfast with them scrambled on toast on our return from the market

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £5,65

So a bargain week - £30.45 but also bought lots at the Chinese shop in Brixton - sauces and tofu and things as well as lamb chops. a few more potatoes, biscuits and salt so double that.

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