Friday, August 20, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

There will be grouse! The man is collecting them today - Friday - and we shall have them either tonight or tomorrow - thinking probably tomorrow as it will be more leisurely and so more enjoyable. Saturday very special they were. But I don't know if I can wait! He also bought a new tin of olive oil so had spent £50 in one quick trip.

Sunday I think the paella we didn't have last week with some left for lunches. Monday I fancy beef stroganoff - literally years since I made it and it used to be my absolute go to favourite dinner but had some zigni from the freezer with herbed couscous and cabbage. Tuesday cheesy pasta bake with some of the cheese sauce from the freezer, quite fancy broccoli - went to the Canton Arms instead. Wednesday viet rice paper parcels and hot cabbage salad pasta bake with cauliflower and it was amazing, Thursday noodles and Friday omelette and salad.

Saturday was bleakish and quiet at the market. Started at the Ginger Pig where Charlie gave me a few more clues about my grouse - it was his post about them which I found really detailed so that gave me the confidence to cook grouse for the first time. Everything else I'd read starts with 'oven ready birds' and not knowing what that is had made me wary. Bought some bacon on toast for breakfast after the market and with cabbage for dinner and a slice of pork steak into the paella Sunday for the very reasonable price of £2

Then to Booths, my last visit as they move out next weekend, and bought carrots, garlic, nectarines and a cauliflower - £4.40

Eggs and sausages for the freezer as it seems wrong to have no sausages from Lizzie at Wild Beef - £5.30

From Chegworth I bought apples - both cooking for oat slice and eating, an enormous lettuce salad Wednesday night and a punnet of apricots - £4.80

At Gastronomica they had one piece of Bra left - and the man does love Bra - a snip at £5

From Teds Veg I bought potatoes to mash with pie and peas Thursday for £1.90

A scoop of avocadoes on rye for lunch Saturday and, sadly, the rest binned as they didin't last but still almost a bargain £1

Olives from Turkish olives, tried the cheese stuffed ones but bought the chilli stuffed ones - £4.30

Was delighted to see Ian at Mrs Kings Pork Pies - his son runs the stall most weeks now so it was good to catch up with a chat. Turns out he has been concentrating on developing some new ideas for new pies - what joy that notion brings to my soul! There will be more on that in a couple of weeks - in the meantime I bought a steak pie as the man has a steak and kidney pie in the freezer and I'm thinking pie & mash would be a lovely thing this week - £3

Coffee from Monmouth - £11.50

Milk, cream and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £6.60

So spent a massive £99.80 - a lot. But the oil will last for months and the grouse were sublime as well as a thoroughly British event.
Next week is holiday week so eat well and I shall return anon.


Al said...

Bron, would you please tell me what Bra is? You mentioned that: "At Gastronomica they had one piece of Bra left" and I wondered what it was as we don't have anything by that name here in the States.
Sorry to hear Booth's is leaving as we enjoyed shopping there when we visited our daughter.
Have a good holiday. Kay

bron said...

Hi Kay - glad you stil read the blog

Bra is a hard Italian cheese, usually cow's milk but can have a little sheep's milk and is made in the Italian town Bra in Piemonte. Which is where Slow Food have festivals. Lovely stuff.

Tony Booth is now running his business near Maltby Street in SE1, open for retail Saturdays, which is good news. It was really sad to see his shop all closed up last week at Borough.

Worse, there is a rumour it's to be turned into an outlet of the Cornish Pasty Co chain. If that is true we are a long way past the beginning of the end of Borough Market.