Monday, January 08, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Borough Market was grey and quiet as the rain poured down Saturday morning. Most of the traders are back but some are still taking a well earned break to recover from the excesses - of their clientele - of the manic shoppers of the festive season.

I bought a lovely plump Label Anglais chicken at Wyndhams as well as a chicken breast - £14.50 - but for some reason it didn't occur to me to buy eggs Saturday night we had stir fried rice noodles with chicken and chilli. Sunday we had a beautifully golden chicken, roasted and stuffed with barley for our supper with enough left over to make lunches for the next few days

So I got eggs and two - as in a couple of - minute steaks from Wild Beef - £5.85 Had planned to have them as a sandwich for lunch over the weekend but it didn't happen so now they are in the freezer, along with the hoxton rye bread. Egg into stuffing and boiled for lunch on Thursday with salad

Lots of lovely fresh veg at Booths - bought sprouts, parsnips, onions, garlic, courgettes, cabbage, tangerines, cucumber, broccoli, sugarsnaps - £6.70 Sunday supper we had lots of veg - roasted potatoes from the week before last so they were a little past their best but still edible, parsnip and spring onion pudding, boiled carrots and sprouts. Broccoli made a brilliant stir fry with the millet experiment. Cabbage in a pasta dish Wednesday night using the fontina as well that I bought last week. Sugarsnaps into lunch boxes as well as tangerines and cucumber too. Still have the courgettes but they are okay and will go with pasta early next week. Onions, like garlic, I use so frequently it is like it is an unconscious movement

Carrots and a bag of millet and a cold bottle of hot ginger beer from Total Organics - £3.90 The millet is something new to me - had it Monday night with stir fried broccoli. Carrots boiled to go with roast dinner Sunday night then into lunch boxes raw in the week. Ginger beer was something different with lunch Saturday

Coffee from Monmouth - £9 - Every day for breakfast

Bread and milk from Neal's Yard - £8.20 - Milk for tea, coffee and cereals all week, ciabatta for lunch on Saturday with butter and vegemite and the hoxton rye went into the freezer for later - to go with chick pea soup Friday night for an easy supper

Chocolate brownie for my sweetheart and an almond croissant for me - £3.50 - brunch!

Spent a very reasonable £51.65

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