Monday, January 15, 2007

And this week ... I bought

This week was different - I had somewhere I had to be Saturday morning so the lovely boyfriend was entrusted with a list and the responsiblity of the weekly shop at Borough. He says it was very quiet.

What I found when I got home was a cornfed chicken from Wyndhams - poached with some warm spices like cloves and star anise and fresh chilli for lunch boxes though the original plan had been to marinate and roast it but after a 10 mile walk in the country on Sunday I was too tired to be complicated

Sausages and pork chops from Ginger Pig - sausages with mash and buttered cabbage for supper Saturday night with the other half of last weeks' savoy cabbage and potatoes from the week before and grilled pork and noodle soup Tuesday night
Ricotta from Gastronomica - for pasta and zucchini

Onions, garlic, sugarsnaps, aubergine, green peppers, cucumber, tangerines, basil, coriander from Booths - aubergine and green peppers made a lovely stir fry to go with puffed bean curd and steamed rice Wednesday night, basil for Monday's pasta, coriander for Tuesday's noodle soup, sugarsnaps and cucumber for lunch boxes as well as the tangerines

Milk and bread from Neals Yard

You may notice this is a much truncated version of the usual list of what I bought on Saturday. It is precisely what I had written on my list for my sweetheart - I had of course said as well that he should buy anything else he fancied and as he loves 'grazing' I was expecting a little cheese, perhaps some olives, a scotch egg, perhaps even a surprise purchase of something utterly unexpected but no - only the things on the list. Which gives me no wriggle room - I can pretty much only make what had seemed like a good idea when I made the list on Friday night so I have felt a bit constrained and without options. Because though we shop only once a week I normally pick up things that look nice or inspire me to make something or can be used in more than one dish. I shop with my senses - if it looks good and smells wonderful or feels perfect then I'll buy it. It is one of the neverending pleasures of Borough Market - the sensory overload, the temptation to try, the challenge to have something new.

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