Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Bought

Very possibly the quietest day of the year for Borough - many traders take a break, some stalls don't bring in much by way of fresh supplies and others, like Gastronomica have a mountain of beautiful cheeses and, unusually, no one queueing up to buy.

I set out with a fairly specific plan for dinner for New Year's Eve involving pork knuckle done to a recipe by Fuchsia Dunlop that is traditional in Hunanese celebrations with side dishes and rice. But I hadn't factored in that, after the huge sales for xmas and the quietness of the week that followed that Ginger Pig would be doing no slaughtering and what pork they did have would be already prepared. So that plan went by the board almost immediately. Instead I bought some braising steak to make red cooked beef, as well as some chicken and eggs and the most enormous piece of gammon about four inches across and weighing in at 2.7kg - can't imagine the size of the pig that came from - for a total of£28.70

Then we went to Mrs Elizabeth King's but there were no plain pork pies left and only very few game pies or pork and stilton so we came away empty handed

Gastronomica was a delight to see with dozens of fresh cheeses so we bought hunks of three different blocks, including a very fine light goat's cheese - £11

Thought about apples but Chegworth's stall wasn't there so we went to Total Organics but they had no carrots so we went to Booths and bought garlic and lettuce leaves and capsicums and aubergine and sugar snaps but not brussel sprouts as they looked a bit sad but did get some tangerines to brighten our basket - £6.40

No smoked salmon stall so we bought a scotch egg from the cooked food counter at Ginger Pig - £3

Bread and milk from Neal's Yard where there was no queue at all after the frenzy of the previous week - £6.70

And that was all - £55.80 - not even a brownie for my lovely one

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