Monday, April 28, 2008

And This Week... I Bought


Perhaps because the Real Food Fare was on at Earls Court attracting masses of foodie tourists Borough was manageably quiet first thing and so easy peasy to negotiate. At Ginger Pig I bought a most enormous chicken, massive breasts and thighs, weighing a little over three kilos stuffed with barley, bacon and tarragon and roasted Sunday night and cold for lunch all week. We are talking a very serious bird. I also got some unsmoked bacon with pasta and chilli and garlic Wednesday night - £21.70

The classic car club have taken to parking a fabby car out the front of Ginger Pig every week to advertise themselves. This week was a lovely old mercedes convertible - perfect for pootling about on a sunny Saturday I'd have thought.

Next was Booths - they only had spanish asparagus so didn't get any there but did buy jersey royals potato salad for lunches and King Edwards, leeks, sweet potato, thyme and tarragon Sunday roast, cucumber, aubergine hunan style with rice and spiced cabbage Thursday night, sugar snaps, onions, garlic and carrots - £15.70

Eggs from Lizzie at Wild Beef - £1.50

Bought three bunches of asparagus from the Isle of Wight garlic stall for supper Saturday nigh with San Danielle ham and fried duck eggs and crusty bread - £5 - absolute bargain

Then duck eggs from Ted's Veg to go with the asparagus - £1.50

San daniel ham from Gastronomica - £4

Apples and juice from Chegworth - £1.80

Scotch egg from Ginger Pig - £3

Bread and milk from a rearranged Neals Yard - £7.20

More bread, plus an almond croissant and a brownie from Flour Power - £3.20 And they very kindly gave me one of their hessian bags to carry a mass of loaves I'd bought for food chain

Spent a total of £64.60 - not bad
This time two years ago we had one of my favourite things for the first time - spiced roast shoulder of lamb with parsnip and spring onion pudding - and we've had it many times since!

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