Friday, April 18, 2008


Violets from Flowers in the Kitchen tagged me in her blog this week and, like a daisy chain, it's my turn now to tag some more.

Basically it works like this - I've copied this part from Violets who copied it from Farida who tagged her earlier and more besides no doubt! (hope you don't mind to everyone who supplied the rules) Each tagged blogger has to describe himself/herself in 6 words, and then tag 5 or more other bloggers. This is to show support to our foodie colleagues, to introduce them to others, to encourage each other and just to make friends. So, please take a moment and visit each of these blogs I am tagging. They are ones I like.

Describe myself? Six words. Hmmm. Once you get past the obvious ones like fabulous and charming and brilliantly witty then I guess there is

1. Curious

2. Gourmet
3. Hungry

4. Greedy (!)

5. Enquiring

6. Connoisseur

Blogs I like

Stone Soup - a wonderful evocation of eating and cooking in Australia

Bread Water Salt Oil - for the passion and intelligence of her postings

The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook - lots of interesting asian stories and recipes

The Elegant Sufficiency - a broad sweep of loving food and discussing it

Tupperware Man - because leftovers need tupperware
Enjoy browsing.


violets said...

Hi Bron,

Thank you for joining in, its good fun isn't it.

Vi xx

bron said...

Hi Vi

It is indeed!


Andrew said...

Howdy Bron. Delighted to be tagged, and see you soon in the kitchen x

bron said...

Look forward to it Andrew - still hankering for tupperware...