Monday, April 14, 2008

And this week...I bought

Ever so slightly milder this weekend seemed to create an upsurge in the number of people at Borough first thing, milling crowds blocking the way with unnaturally large pushchairs causing havoc in much the same way this week's stuck truck did going the wrong way down Stoney Street.

Lots on this week so started at Wyndhams as we wandered past - needed some more stock in the freezer - 4 carcasses (carci?) £2

Ginger Pig was next as meat was on the top of the list. I bought some minced lamb meant for burgers but currently in the freezer, a big piece of gammon - must have been one humungous pig glazed for lunch Sunday then lunchboxes in the week, a chicken jointed to make cinnamon chicken Monday night and some chippolatas Saturday supper for a grand total of £43

Then to Booths for potatoes salad, cucumber stuffed into pitta with butter bean paste and beetroot Thursday night, cabbage, carrots coleslaw, zucchinis, purple sprouting broccoli veg to go with chicken Monday, aubergine pasta Friday night, fennel and pea salad, garlic, lemons, limes, beetroot and lettuce lots of salads with lunch Sunday - £12.70

Some lovely looking prawns as an amuse bouche Sunday on slices of cucumber with a drop of pepper oil but sadly the flavour did not match their lovely appearance - from Shellseekers - £3 for a dozen

Pale orkney salmon fillet cured with coriander for a perfect amuse bouche on Sunday from Furness that they kindly skinned for me - £6.40

Eggs frittata Wednesday night from Lizzie at Wild Beef - £1.50

Baby plum tomatoes from Isle of Wight - might still be a bit early for them they have oddly tough skins fresh so will roast the rest but I do so love them £3.50

Two buffalo mozzarella balls for pasta Friday from Gastronomica - £4

Then decided salami and mozzarella would make a fine lunch so headed to the other Gastromonica stall for milano and another cheese - £4.20

Bought a ciabatta from the Flour Station for a change - £2.20

Apples from Chegworth - £1.20

Bread, pasta, milk, yoghurt and cream from Neals Yard - £13.80

Scotch egg from Ginger Pig - £3

Lastly a chocolate brownie from Flour Power - and a loyalty card for when you buy ten you get one free yay!- £2

A quite considerable £102.50 - it will be a fine week!

This time last year we were mostly in France and so I mostly wasn't blogging but we did have spaghetti with nutmeg and Parmesan the night we got back.


Anna said...

WOW! You are sooooo lucky!
I would love to have somewhere like Borough market near to me!

It all sounds wonderful!


bron said...

I thank my kitchen goddess every week for the joy that is Borough