Monday, April 07, 2008

And this week...I bought

Friday was lovely in London, sunny, gentle breeze, nudging 19 celsius. The very definition of a perfect spring day. Saturday started dull and went down hill. By Sunday we had snow. Misjudged it slightly and didn't wear a jumper under my coat Saturday to go to Borough - very cold by the end of the shopping.

Took the trolley again but started this week at Ginger Pig for a boned rolled shoulder of lamb - a quite serious piece of meat spiced and roasted for dinner Sunday and then into lunches for a few days- £19.50

Then to Booths for potatoes, courgettes, peppers, Sunday supper rocket Saturday lunch, rhubarb masses of it cooked down for breakfasts with extra in the freezer, bananas bread and butter pudding but it was a little too sweet, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, tarragon herbed beans was the intention but that might have to be this weekend and basil in pasta sauce Wednesday night - £14.50

Mussels fabulous with black beans Saturday night from Furness - £4.50

Then to Wild Beef where I gave Lizzie back a load of empty boxes and bought some eggs bread and butter pudding - £1.50

Dolmades pre dinner snack Sunday from Taste of Turkey - £2

Coffee daily wake up from Monmouth - £9

Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella Saturday lunch from the Italian stall - £13.70

Scotch egg for breakfast - £3

Baguette meant for dinner Saturday but we still had some ciabatta so this ended up in the bin, sadly, as there is no way back for stale baguette from the marché stall - £1

Pasta, bread, yoghurt, cream and milk from Neals Yard - £14.90

Bread, an almond croissant and a chocolate brownie from Flour Power - £5.20

A grand total of £88.80

This time two years ago we were also eating rhubarb.

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