Friday, August 01, 2008

And this week... I bought

I have no idea what to have next week - we are out Saturday night, as well as Wednesday and I'm out Thursday. But I did see some fab looking focaccia as we were leaving the market last week and I have my heart set on some this week so a cold collation Saturday I think late in the afternoon before we go out. No no no! Essentially nothing happened like this plan! Saturday we had hot sausage and onion sandwiches with ketchup that were a reall treat.Sunday I'm thinking perhaps roast lamb, or burgers perhaps it was burgers and roasted vegetable salad that was lunches in the week and very nice too, cooler and quicker to cook, summer still being here for the moment. Monday salad that happened with fritons and poached egg, Tuesday pasta or chinese might be nice but we went out for dinner at Wright Bros with a friend from Hong Kong, then Wednesday we had a quick dinner at Anchor & Hope before Pygmalion, Thursday I was ill, so didn't go anywhere and the man made a requested ultra bland pasta with a little egg scrambled through it. Friday might get last week's pork chops from the freezer for a treat. We shall see. The man brought takeaway home so it was almost a whole week without cooking.

And so to market. The Italian stall had no foccacia this week so the plan was already changing! We started at Ginger Pig and bought some lamb mince at £7.50 a kilo fab burgers Sunday night and cold for lunchboxes
Bought tuna at Brindisa - £3.80 Cupboard

Then to Booths for lettuce for salad Monday and the rest ended up in the bin as it turned slimy, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers roasted veg Sunday, fennel, red onion still in the fridge as the pasta didn't happen - fairly light this week - £6.20

Parmesan for the fridge from Gastronomica - forgot to check validity of the rumour that Gianni has left but he certainly wasn't there. I shall miss him if it's true... £4.90

Went to the other Gastronomica for some fennel sausage freezer - £2.50

The man requested hot sausages in a bun for lunch Saturday so it was back to Ginger Pig for some traditional sausages - £4.30

Then to Neals Yard for pasta - I had run out in the week so bought three packs, plus milk and yoghurt £11.70

Cottage loaf from Flour Power - still a bargain £1

Ciabatta rolls from the Italian shop on the end Saturday lunch - not a bargain £2.90

Slight week - £44.80

This time last year we were mostly eating zucchini fritttata and sesame noodles, that we also had last week this year.

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