Friday, August 15, 2008

And this week...I bought

Contemplating a bit of a chinesey phase at the moment - the heat of the spice cancels out the rain and the lightness of the dishes in general make it still seem like summer. Don't know really about the whole week but am thinking actually some steak and salad Saturday night with steak from the freezer and very fine it was, a little cheese to follow. Sunday afternoon we are going to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen - very excited - and then we are all coming back to ours for supper which I plan to make cold Chinese. Centrepiece of tipan, some sticky ribs, sesame noodles and a selection of salads - make it all in advance so easy and pleasurable when we get home worked a treat though we had plain cooled rice rather than noodles and I added a dish of anise chicken. And leftovers for lunches. Monday I'm thinking salad and corn bread, because I have an untried recipe for cornbread three out of three on the planning front almost - did do the cornbread and salad but added a thick slice of chinese ham and a fried egg and it was brilliant. Tuesday I'm out - going to be on the tv - I'm one of a team of foodbloggers on a quiz show being shot at Borough. Slightly wrong end of stick there - it was a quiz and lots of fun but it was to publicise the new series of Market Kitchen on UKTV food and we did okay as the UK Food Bloggers even if we didn't win :( Wednesday quite fancy a version of pork chop soup had pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta and a sauce made withthe leftover plum tomatoes from last week and the last spoonful of crême fraiche, Thursday probably sausages and salad dan dan noodles and coriander salad before a very early start Friday to get to Stansted.

Coolish but nice Saturday morning and Borough Market was nice and quiet when we arrived - really nice to wander about before the hordes descend. Started as ever at Ginger Pig where I bought a piece of unsmoked gammon tipan, two chicken breasts anise chicken, a sheet of meaty pork ribs spiced ribs and a big handful of smoked bacon in the freezer for a reasonable £33.50.
Then to see Lizzie at Wild Beef, still suffering from back pain which is undoubtedly exacerbated by standing on the hard concrete of the market every week. Bought some eggs - £1.50

Bought 4 peppers - 2 bright red 1 for lunch, hoping the rest will survive the weekend, 2 intense orange - from the pile it high stall for £1

Coffee from Monmouth £9

Large box of strawberries I made a strawberry tart for dessert Sunday and a cold apple juice from Monmouth - £3.50

Stuffed pasta dinner Wednesday from Gastronomica - £4.50
Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella lunch Saturday from the Italian stall - £9.50

Booths for veg - potatoes, turnip should be fine in the fridge till next week, aubergine salad Sunday night, cucumber, lettuce salad Monday night - £4

Spinach salad Sunday from Tony - £1.50

Milk, bread, creme fraiche and bread from a curiously cheerless young man at Neals Yard - £15.70

And a cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1

A grand total of £84.70

I bought a few extras this week - spring onions, ginger, noodles, coriander and oyster sauce from Wing Yip for dinner Sunday and more spring onions, sugarsnaps, milk, biscuits and butter from Waitrose

This time last year we were mostly eating rice and spinach loaf and the year before cheese and spinach omelette - it is spinach time of year! Only spent £62.40 two years ago for a fairly similar haul - prices are on the up.

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