Friday, August 29, 2008

And this week...I bought

Bit of a mish mash of a week just gone with lots of lovely SW France food over the weekend and a bit of a scrabble then on our return with a mediocre courgette pasta dish Wednesday night and a really fabulous bean and bacon stew Thursday night with the joy of leftovers in the freezer for future feasts.

Not entirely sure what to be having for the week ahead though - Saturday is meant to be warm (!) so grilled fish a lovely piece of tuna and salad would be nice - but only if that's true. Sunday is meant to be stormy so a roast shoulder of pork with roasted butternut and buttered leeks methinks with leftovers for lunches. No plans for the moment for the week so, entirely randomly, grilled duck (brought home from the Gers) and salad Monday had it Tuesday with potatoes in a white sauce, stirfried noodles Tuesday, dahl and rice Wednesday had homestyle tofu and rice, risotto Thursday dahl and stewed aubergine and tomatoes and pasta Friday hot fritters with cold dahl and aubergine.

Miracles will never cease - the sun shone on Saturday. Not with any great warmth it's got to be said but beggars can't be choosers. Though I wish I'd worn a cardie to the market. Bought a large piece of boned shoulder of pork Sudnay night roast and lunchboxes at Ginger Pig - and that was all! £13.70

Then to Booths for potatoes, lettuce, aubergine, sugar snaps, tomatoes, bananas, leeks, butternut, carrots and a bunch of deep green watercress - £8.20

Chocolates to cheer a colleague - £2

Fish! The smoked salmon stall was there this week so, after a quick sample of their very fine wares I bought a tub for a decadent Sunday breakfast with scrambled eggs and toast that the man made while I read the papers that he'd been out in the rain to buy - £5

More fish! Two fine tuna steaks Saturday night from Furness - £8.40

Eggs and a pack of sausages from Wild Beef for the freezer - we had a pack from the freezer Friday night with onion gravy on sourdough bread from St Johns and it was a real treat to be repeated soon - £5.50

A piece of roquefort from the French cheese stall to try and recreate a salad with toasted walnuts and a walnut oil/sherry vinegar dressing Monday night we had while we were away - £3.20

Pork pie Saturday lunch because the last one was so good - but they've gone up 10p to an even £5
Milk, yoghurt, cream and pasta from Neals Yard - £11.70

And a brownie for the man - £1.50

Altogether a reasonable £64.20
Bought a few extras - a large block of firm tofu, dried mushrooms and a bunch of coriander from Wing Yip in Brixton, onions and spring onions from my local fruit and veg shop, and butter and tinned corn at the supermarket.

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