Monday, August 11, 2008

And this week ...I bought

Felt better Saturday than I had for the last few days so headed to Borough Market. Left in the sunshine, it was raining by the time we returned. And absolutely pouring by the time we went out in the afternoon. Had no great plan for the week beyond doing most of what I'd thought I'd do last week before life got in the way.

At the Ginger Pig I decided, since I didn't have much to buy this week, we could afford steak so got a thick slice of well aged rump a magnificent thing, so huge we cut it in half before it went in to the freezer, thinking one slice between us for Friday night dinner but now we are going to see Hadrian at the British Museum so it shall stay there as a treat for (two) other times and half a kilo of pork mince split it into four packs to make chinese dishes, and used one with ginger and carrot stirfiry Wednesday night and the rest will be there for other meals - £24.80 Possibly not frugal.

Then bought eggs for a quiche for Sunday lunch with leftovers for lunch Monday/Tuesday and sausages just as a freezer standby from Wild Beef from Richard for a change as Lizzie was off with a bad back - £5.30

Rocchetta some in the base of the quiche, some for snacking from Gastronomica - where it is true that Gianni has left and is currently adrift on a boat somewhere. Cheese buying will not be the same. £4

Tomatoes with salad to go with pork chops from the freezer and potatoes and radishes from our garden Tuesday night for one of the most enjoyable of dinners, then into lunch boxes, might roast the last of them with basil from the pile it high bloke out the back - tried one first and it was sweet - £1

Chocolates for our dinner hosts Saturday night - £2

Braesola with rocket from the garden on ciabatta for a really good lunch Saturday from the other Gastronimica and some buffalo milk ricotta out of curiosity to go with fennel and sausage pasta Thursday night - £5.80

Booths for the least I've ever bought there - some green beans lunches and a bunch of spring onions as yet unused - £1.20

Strawberries Sunday smoothies and mixed peppers stir fried with black beans Wednesday night from Tony - £2

Hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig for my Miss Piggy brunch - £3

Then there was a woman outside Neals Yard selling icecream made from their eggs and cream - much to the delight of the man - he had a generous chocolate cone £2.50

Also bought milk and cream - £5.80

A cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1

And a large ciabatta half for the weekend and half in the freezer till Thursday night to go with pasta supper and some toast Friday morning from the Italian stall on the corner of Stoney Street that was swarming with people with young babies apparently buying nothing - £3

And some bananas for smoothies from Elsey & Bent - £1.22

Some things for the cupboards and freezer for a total of £62.62 - not quite as cheap as I was thinking but not bad

This time last year we were mostly eating roast chicken stuffed with bread and herbs and August 2006 featured mushroom and asparagus lasagne - one of my favourite things.

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