Friday, September 19, 2008

And this week... I bought + Want to be a tv star!?!

Friday night is chicken and tarragon soup to use the last of the week's chicken. No - the man and I went out to Ha Noi - a little Viet place we love and had crystal spring rolls and singapore noodles Saturday I'm thinking noodles and herbs and chilli with the last of the chicken and very fine it was too. Sunday roast pork had cauliflower cheese and roasted butternut to use up the veg from last week and cold in lunch boxes for a few days Monday barely risotto no risotto but a close to perfect meal of grilled lamb chops with buttered new potatoes and wilted spinach. Tuesday out. Wednesday french class so bean stew from the freezer actually sausages from the freezer with potato salad and green salad with the last of the lettuce. Thursday we're out and Friday I think sausage sandwiches zucchini fritatta perhaps. An easy week!

Of course by Saturday morning things were a little different. The sun was shining even if the air was cold and Borough Market was remarkably easygoing. Started at Ginger Pig where John was sporting a new haircut in preparation for his holiday in southern Spain, lucky him. I bought a boned piece of pork shoulder Sunday roast and cold for lunches, a couple of chicken breasts in the freezer and, as sheer indulgence, some lamb chops to grill magnificent Monday night. We don't normally have them, even though I love them to bits, because they are a hefty price but I am so looking forward to eating them with buttered spinach and new potatoes that it is worth every penny. Spent £38

Then to Booths for potatoes and spinach, mangetout, carrots, spring onions, didn't buy tomatoes as they were a little soft for a very reasonable £4.20 total

Cheese from the new guy at Gastronomica - I needed parmesan and they were also selling sheeps cheese studded with truffles - £10 the pair

Olives from Taste of Turkey - £2.80

Coffee from Monmouth - £9

A pork pie for lunch - £5

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard but no bread as I'd taken half a loaf from St Johns from the freezer and that was enough for us to toast for the weekend - £6.90

So a quick and easy trip for us - and a total spend of £75.90

And the TV star opportunity? ITV are looking for contestants for a new show. Are you a talented cook who is looking for that big break? Are you fiercely proud of your county and want to see it go all the way? Do you want to learn from some of the country’s finest chefs?

ITV Productions is looking for contestants to take part in a brand new, day-time cookery series called Taste the Nation. If you have a passion for food and want to represent your county in a national cookery knock-out, then this is the show for you.

Check out the details here -

Could be fun!


Andrew said...

Do it Bron! I can totally see you on telly teaching the nation to shop and cook with style.

The new Tupperware catalogue is just out -- would you like one? Drop me a private email with your address, or I can bring one to the kitchen (cooking on 19/10 and 16/11).

bron said...

Perhaps I shall - could be my new role in life!

I'm on different Sundays to you - 26/10 and 7/12... unless you want to sign up for the December date?