Friday, September 05, 2008

And this week I bought

Next week looks like this from the vantage point of Friday afternoon - Saturday is pizza out for lunch but we couldn't get in so went to the movies and ended up eating ribs at Bodeans mid afternoon then maybe steak and salad for dinner or perhaps fish or a tin of duck liver mousse scented with Armagnac from the cupboard on lots of hot buttered toast. Sunday roast - pork this week, so maybe lamb for a change with spinach and roasted garlic potatoes. Pot roast beef with mash and cabbage.

Monday - I have grown my first bonbon squash and I'm so pleased with myself! Will fill it with cream and girolle and roast it whole then finish with parmesan using a recipe I've had for about ten years from Sally Clarke. Knew I'd use it one day! Tuesday stirfry something and rice, maybe more tofu actually as I really enjoyed it this week actually burgers and potatoes baked in stock. Fried rice Wednesday night - wanted it this week and it just didn't happen spiced mutton and green peppers from the freezer with rice. Thursday bacon and cannellini bean casserole from the freezer finally got my fried rice!, Friday sausages and onion sandwiches or omelette and new potatoes and salad it will be omelette. WE shall see. Because I have bought a new food processor and I may need to play with that - a lot!

It was cold as we set out for Borough Market - it may be the first week of September but it seems autumn is seriously here. Which is okay in that I can make lots of comforting food... Started as ever at Ginger Pig and bought a lovely piece of silverside roast and some oyster bacon, both smoked and unsmoked as I've none in the freezer at all - £28.70 Also got some pork bones for free to make a noodle soup

Then to Booths for veg - potatoes - both waxy and main crop, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, a small squash, cep, bananas, green pepper and a savoy cabbage - £8.50
Eggs from Wild Beef - £1.50

Tagliatelle from the Gastronomica shop - £2

Coffee from Monmouth - £9

Smoked salmon from the irish stall - £5
Milk, yoghurt and cream from Neals Yard - £8.20

Rosemary loaf and a brownie from Flour Power - £4.50

Spent £67.40 altogether

Also bought chilies and ginger from Wing Yip in Brixton and barley and wheat from the Euro deli, butter and sugar at waitrose, sesame seeds, baklava, tinned tomatoes and haloumi from Green Valley - so a bit spent elsewhere this week as well.

This time last year we were mostly eating spinach stuffed spicy chicken and the year before one of my favourite things - guinea fowl and fennel.

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